“Freed Slave” Sheila Jackson Lee: Spending Cuts Will Enslave America

Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat Representative from Texas’s 18th district, said that if Congress doesn’t “come together” to stop the sequester, they won’t be able to “free America” from slavery:

 “[Y]esterday was the official birthday of President Lincoln, February 12th, and although it was a tragic time in our history, I can assure you that it showed the greatest promise of America when people could come together and do something great. I stand here as a freed slave because this congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”

 Believe it or not, she was talking in the context of spending cuts, because reducing the size of government is tantamount to enslaving America again. The more the government spends, the more “free” America is.

Obama read from his teleprompter during the SOTU address and said that the upcoming sequestration cuts were “sudden, harsh and arbitrary.” He stated that the cuts would devastate important government functions and destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs.

If the sequestration cuts do occur, they would total about $44 billion, which is 1.2% of 2013 spending, according to a CBO report. That’s less than pocket change to a government that spends on the order of $9.7 billion per day. That $44 billion would be eaten up in less than 1 business week. Four and a half days to be exact.

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In short, these sequestration cuts are nothing. Nothing compared to what needs to happen and what will eventually happen if the government continues to spend willy-nilly. They have pretty much all the revenue they’re going to get from taxes, and they still manage to have a trillion-dollar deficit. Spending cuts have to happen.

If we had a white, Republican president who was opposed to spending cuts, Sheila Jackson Lee would be on the House floor saying that we need to go through with these sequestration cuts in order to “free America.” It’s like when Obama was a U.S. senator during the Bush administration. He was critical of Bush’s debt accrual and deficit and was opposed to raising the debt ceiling, calling those things “unpatriotic” and “irresponsible.” But, now that he’s president, he’s put aside such childish ways and can run up deficits, add trillions of dollars to the national debt, raise the debt ceiling, and it’s OK.

And Sheila Jackson Lee is right there by his side saying that anyone who opposes wasteful government spending must want slavery again, and that the only way to “free” Americans is to make government bigger and more powerful. Thanks to people like Jackson Lee, we have a nation of government slaves, but in her world, slavery is freedom.

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