Freedom-Loving Switzerland Is the EU’s Scapegoat

In case you wondered who bears the responsibility for the EU’s epic failure to create the socialist paradise on earth, the Eurocrats have the answer for you: Switzerland. Its “harmful tax practices” are what destroyed the economic growth in the Eurozone, by attracting businesses and individual citizens of the Union to move their operations and money to the small mountain nation.

So the highlanders are now threatened by the mastodon bureaucracy in Brussels with “retaliation” if they do not comply with the internal rules of conduct of the European Union. The fact that Switzerland is not a member of the EU and has never agreed to any rules of conduct that the Brussels’s Empire has created doesn’t seem to bother them. Might makes right, is the operational principle of any empire, from ancient Egypt, through Genghis Khan, to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Empire; the EU is not an exception to the rule. After enslaving their own citizens to the tyrannical whims of the central power, the eurocrats are looking to other nations to enslave.

The “harmful tax practices” they are talking about do not seem to be harmful to the Swiss themselves: the Swiss economy is an island of stability in a sea of debt-slavery, unemployment, and negative economic growth. The Swiss GDP per capita remains at levels double that of the most prosperous members of the European Union while the inflation is negligible and the unemployment is as low as 3%. Switzerland, by constitution, has no central system of government taxation; taxes are decided on local level, by the cantons, and by direct referendums. With all the talk about “democracy” in Brussels, one would think they should be happy with that most democratic way of self-rule, where the voters decide directly everything, including their own taxes. Compared to that direct democracy, the European Union is far left, with only about 0.001% of the population – the politicians – making direct decisions about taxes, regulations, government, interference, etc. Under the absolutist monarchy of Louis XIV, France had more direct democracy than it does today.

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We should pray and hope that the valiant Swiss will stand firm against the threat of the tyranny of Brussels as they stood firm against Hitler and his threats. Switzerland remains a symbol of hope for hundreds of millions of European citizens who want to escape from their governments’ oppression. European citizens themselves must use whatever vestiges of political representation they were left by the political machine of the European Union and force their politicians to get their hands off the brave highlanders; and, if given the chance, change their own political constitutions to follow the example of the Swiss.

And we in America must support the Swiss. And also learn from them, because Switzerland is nothing more but what America used to be in the past, when it had liberty and justice for all. If we don’t re-learn what we have forgotten, we may end up as another European Union, this side of the Atlantic.

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