Freedom of Religion is One Way Street for Muslims

The Pilgrims on board the Mayflower made the perilous trip after 12 years of religious persecution in Europe.  More than anything, they wanted to go somewhere where they were allowed to worship as they thought proper and not how the government and monarchy dictated.

Religious freedom was also an important factor when the thirteen colonies rebelled against the British crown and declared their independence.  They included it in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution so as to guarantee that everyone in America would have the right to worship according to their faith.

Even though America was established as a Christian nation based largely on Christian principles, the Founding Fathers also recognized that there were non-Christians among them who should also be entitled to that same right.  Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Shintos and others all share the same guarantee of the freedom of religion here in America.  As much as I would like to see America return to its Christian roots, I realize that will never happen because of the First Amendment.

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Under the First Amendment, we are also guaranteed the right of free speech.  These two aspects of the First Amendment have been used for years to defend the right of those who wish to criticize, ridicule and even blaspheme God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.  As much as these things, such as the movie The Last Temptation of Christ, offend us and cause us to speak out against such antithetical garbage, there is nothing we can legally do to stop it.

But Muslims are not as tolerant and unresponsive as America’s Christians are and they will not tolerate anything or anyone that criticizes or mocks Islam.  Case in point is the Pennsylvania judge who acquitted a Muslim of physically attacking another person because of his Halloween costume.  Even though the attack was witnessed by a police officer and was caught on video, the judge let the attacker go and lectured the victim as if he were the criminal.  Oh yeah, the judge was a Muslim.

It’s okay for Muslims to condemn, ridicule, mock and trash anything Christian, Jewish or non-Muslim in general.  However, they cannot and will not tolerate the same treatment towards their own religion.  Religious tolerance is a very narrow one way street for Muslims and that intolerance of theirs is generally dealt out with violence.  And then they have the audacity to call anyone who questions their faith an Islamaphobe.

Now, Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi is vowing to sue the filmmakers in America for producing a film that insults their prophet Mohammad.  He has already instructed the Egyptian embassy in Washington D.C. to start legal actions against the filmmakers.  In fact, he didn’t just instruct them to file a lawsuit against the filmmakers, he ordered them to use all legal measures possible to bring action against the filmmakers.

The film, Innocence of Muslims, was made to show the treatment of Coptic Christians by Muslims in Egypt.  The filmmaker identifies himself as Sam Bacile, but some believe that to be an alias of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

Regardless who made the film, legal precedence has been established in the U.S. that such religious directed films are protected under the First Amendment.  There was no prosecution or law suits won against films that mocked Jesus, so why should there be any against a film that only depicts how the Muslims are treating Christians?  If a Christian cross can be displayed in a glass of urine for art’s sake without any legal recourse, then why should there be any legal recourse in this case.

President Obama was forced into condemning the violence in Egypt and Libya that occurred because of the film.  He also condemned the murders of American diplomats, but only after Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both spoke out about the attacks and condemned the attackers.  I am curious to see if anything comes of the Egyptian legal actions against the filmmakers.  If it does happen, it will clearly demonstrate just how Muslim friendly and anti-Christian America has become and how the First Amendment only applies to Muslims and no one else.

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