Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Gays

Last week, Maryland joined the ranks of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Washington DC in becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah than part of the nation our Founding Fathers bled for so many years ago. Same-sex marriage is creeping into main stream America like a red tide that kills off everything else that’s descent.

Prior to passing the measure, the Maryland Senate took testimony from both sides of the issue. There was one young lady that felt so strongly against gay marriage that she chose to speak before the state senate hearing on her 14th birthday. Sarah Crank eloquently addressed the politicians in sharing her feelings on the measure. Listen to her testimony:



Since appearing before the senate on January 31, 2012, Sarah has received thousands of threatening messages and postings on the internet. The campaign of harassment and verbal abuse is beyond what anyone imagined this brave young lady would receive just for testifying and sharing her personal views.

However, we should not be shocked by the number of threats she has received as the far left liberals including the homosexual rights activists don’t want anyone else in the United States to have the same rights they do. They don’t want anyone to be able to express a view or opinion that is different from their own. And if you do, they accuse you of hate language.

But what about them and their threats? Isn’t that hate language? Evidently not! I couldn’t find any evidence of any legal action being taken against those making the threats against Sarah and her life.

In today’s America, freedom of speech only applies if you’re gay, a minority or a Muslim. If you’re white and Christian, you no longer have the freedom of speech or religion as specified in the First Amendment of the Constitution and at the rate our nation is going downhill, it may not be much longer before we lose all rights and we find ourselves no better off than the pre-Civil War slaves.

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