Freedom vs. Privilege in Arizona Homosexual Rights Fight

The heat is on in Arizona and elsewhere as homosexual activists ramp up their efforts to destroy freedom of religion and freedom of conscience under the guise of “gay rights.”

Arizona is the current battleground because its legislature recently passed SB1062 , which reasserts the rights of Arizonans to refuse service to homosexuals (and other people, it should be noted) based on religious beliefs.

The only reason this has come up is because of several “wedding cake” cases in which homosexuals asked Christian bakers to make them cakes for their wedding ceremonies and were refused. Probably the most notorious case was in Colorado, where a judge ordered the baker to make a cake, but there have been several, suggesting if not a coordinated effort, at least a fad among homosexuals to “stick it to the Christians.”

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So Arizona’s legislators passed SB1062, which if you listen to critics will bring back segregated lunch counters. That the bill made it to Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk has the Left running around with hands and gums flapping about discrimination.

No one in the mainstream media seems to want to talk about the real impetus for the bill, which is to keep homosexual activists from forcing their particular views on other people.

That is what the push for homosexual marriage is really about. Homosexuals always could have gotten married in a church that believes in such things, and it would have been protected under the First Amendment as freedom of religion. But the homosexual marriage crusade demands government recognition — and benefits — that will be paid for with taxpayer dollars.

That part’s gravy. The Holy Grail of the movement is to get official government sanction that can then be used as a legal hammer, as in the cake cases, to crush Christians who dare live by their values and oppose homosexuality as a sin.

Some of the twisted psychology behind this is pretty obvious: Social outcasts choose (yes, “choose”) a lifestyle that makes them even more the outcast, then demand that society deem them “normal.” But the bottom line for many homosexual activists, such as the infamous Dan Savage, is that they hate Christianity, probably because they blame it rather than themselves for making them social outcasts.

Now after generations of propaganda through popular entertainment and schools, homosexual activist groups feel their goal is in sight. The last thing they can stand for is the Christians finally fighting back.

The irony in the case of SB1062 is that, at least according to one legal analysis, Arizona already has laws that allow residents to refuse to serve someone based on religious belief, and the current bill would actually make it more difficult to invoke the religious exception in a court case. The same analysis also noted that no one has ever used the existing law in court, which has been in place for decades.

The goal of this fight by homosexual activists is not equal rights, no matter how frequently or fervently they may invoke that, it’s to make homosexuality the norm and to force everybody to accept it.

Despite years of trying to make it seem otherwise, homosexuals still only represent less than 3 percent of the population. Homosexuality is simply against the nature of the overwhelming majority of people.

These wedding cake cases, despite the way they’re presented in the media, are not comparable to denying someone a sandwich at a lunch counter. The cakes were not for a birthday or an office party either, they were for homosexual “weddings,” which are religious ceremonies that are highly offensive to many people of traditional beliefs. It is no more ethical or legal to force a Christian baker to bake a homosexual wedding cake than it would be to force a Jewish baker to bake a cake for a Nazi-themed wedding.

Chances are that Gov. Brewer will veto the bill because of all the political pressure, including from Sen. John McCain, who wants to keep his guest membership at the Democrat Country Club. If she finds the personal strength to sign the law, she will soon face the political fight of her life, as opponents will no doubt try to recall her and flood the state with union lobbyists and puppet candidates devoted to making her life hell.

But frankly, it’s high time someone stood up to these people. Homosexuals need to get the message that they can do what they want in their own home, but if they try to do it in somebody else’s church, they can expect a battle.

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