Gay Columnist Blasts Same-sex Marriage & Defends Traditional Family Structure

Legalize same-sex marriages has been the mantra of homosexuals for over a decade.  They have protested, filed lawsuits, held conferences, handed out flyers and even infiltrated the public school system in their efforts to legalize their sinful lifestyle.  We see it on television and in the movies and it’s also pervaded music.  Our once proud military has been rapidly converted into little more than a gay social club.

Gay rights activists have not only wanted legalized same-sex marriages, but they want the same legal rights as opposite-sex marriage partners have.  They want to be able to legally adopt children to raise in their perverted lifestyle and they want both partners to have the same legal rights as birth parents have.

Basically, homosexuals want to totally re-define marriage, family and parental roles worldwide, including here in America.

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So what would you say if you found out a very openly homosexual columnist is speaking out against same-sex marriage and is arguing for the preservation of the traditional family unit?

Paddy Manning is a homosexual who is quite open about his being gay.  He is also a controversial columnist in Ireland.  In April of this year, Manning was fired from Fairfax Media after writing very critical opinion editorial that was published on Crikey, an online publication.  He criticized a newer column that was being published in the Australian Financial Review.

Now, Manning is drawing criticism from fellow homosexuals over his latest piece that was published in the Irish Daily Mirror.  WND reports that Manning wrote against the legalization of same-sex marriage and the reinventing of the family unit and undermining children’s rights to have a real father and mother.  WND quoted Manning as writing:

“Same-sex marriage is not some warm, fluffy equality bunny; it’s a bare-faced state power grab.  The state gets to entirely remake marriage, not as the man/woman/child model we’ve inherited from 10,000 years of history and across all cultures, but as an anything-goes irrelevant partnership agreement between adults.”

“Only a man and a woman have children, despite every fantasy the gender-busters want us to believe.  Every child has a right to that natural life. Same-sex marriage asks us to ignore reality and children’s rights to a mother and father.”

In response Enda Kenny, Ireland’s Prime Minister’s endorsement of making same-sex marriages legal in the Emerald Isle, Manning wrote:

“People get married for their own reasons, but we have marriage because marriage has a meaning and does a vital job – not just for individuals, but for society.  Claiming that equality demands that men and women be as interchangeable as Lego blocks shows you don’t understand men and women, marriage or much else.”

“We can ignore reality all we want, but the outcomes for children are not the same across all family models.  Marriage of a man and a woman gives children the best chance. That doesn’t mean there are not great parents in other circumstances, just that the weight of evidence is stacked against them.”

If in fact these are the words of Paddy Manning, it’s refreshing to see that even someone who is part of the gay community understands the importance of traditional marriage and the family unit.  He also understands the importance of a child to have a father and a mother, not two of one or the other.

Now if only others in and out of the gay community would have the same understanding as Manning.  Today, we have far too many dysfunctional families with only 1 parent let alone the growing number of gay parent families. This also has a direct correlation to the increase in juvenile crimes and moral decay of the nation.  As the family unit deteriorates, so does the nation and when you look at today’s America, we are getting awfully close to the precipice of no return.

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