The ‘Gay-stapo’ Gets Associate Pastor Suspended From City Job

An associate pastor at a local Seventh-Day Adventist church has been placed on administrative leave from his government job by the city of Pasadena because a bunch of college fans of a celebrity screenwriter whose pornographic pictures with his boyfriend got him bounced as commencement speaker told them to.

Did you follow that? It’s even more twisted than is usual when the Gay-stapo gets involved with trying to ruin people’s lives.

From the beginning, then.

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Dustin Lance Black is an Oscar-winning screenwriter. He wrote the script for “Milk,” the film about Harvey Milk, the reprehensible San Francisco supervisor who was fatally shot in 1978.

You probably have heard of the film, which portrays  Milk as some sort of hero and martyr for the homosexual cause. It strays far from the truth, to say the least. Despite the film’s portrayal, Milk was not shot because he was homosexual but because he had been involved with political maneuverings to prevent another board member from regaining his seat. Also left out of the film was the fact that Milk was a big supporter of the Rev. Jim Jones — he of People’s Temple infamy.

Black’s biography on the Internet Movie Database points out that he is an ex-Mormon and is now on the board of directors of the Trevor Project, a national suicide-prevention group targeting homosexual and “questioning” (confused) youths.

Being a local celebrity, Black was invited to be the commencement speaker at Pasadena City College.

Until someone found pornographic pictures of Black with his boyfriend posted on some Internet site, that is.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the pictures had been stolen, so let’s just assume that Black is a victim here and didn’t post the pictures himself. (Which in itself should be an object lesson about keeping photography out of the bedroom, but let’s move on.)

It was enough for college officials to bounce Black as commencement speaker because the college already had suffered recent sex scandals, including a professor who invited X-film stars to speak to his pornography class (seems a natural for the curriculum) and then admitted having affairs with students (sleazy but not surprising in retrospect).

Black wrote a letter to the school newspaper accusing officials of trying to shame him for his homosexuality, which, considering this is a school that authorized a porno class, seems like a huge stretch. My guess is somebody in the administration finally had a stray thought along the lines of “maybe we should find a speaker who could be a role model.”

Anyway, in the letter, Black urged students to speak out. Let’s assume again that what happened next was out of Black’s hands.

Enter a student group calling itself Students for Social Justice.

Whenever people put the words “social” and “justice” together, you already know there’s trouble brewing for somebody. Add the word “students” to the mix, and the results seem inevitable.

The Students for Social Justice, no doubt after many intense hours of moral and ethical debate, probably a few cans of Pepsi and some pizza, along with at least one Google search, decided what better way to bring about “social justice” than by screwing with the life of someone who had nothing to do with anything up to this point in our story?

Cut to black. Fade in on Pasadena Public Health Director Eric Walsh, a city employee and Seventh-Day Adventist preacher. Unlike Black, Walsh is not an “ex-” any kind of religion. In fact, he’s quite active, being an associate pastor.

And therein lies the trouble, one suspects, at least in the eyes of busybody social justice-teers with no regard for the rights of anyone but themselves.

Walsh, being an Adventist preacher, is rather conservative and has naturally posted videos of his preaching, none of which feature him without clothing — to draw yet another contrast with Black. It also seems that none of them features him presenting himself in the capacity of a Pasadena city official. What they do feature is Walsh discussing his beliefs on evolution (satanic), Muhammad (satanist), Disney (evil empire) and homosexuality (sinful). None of which would surprise anybody who’s been to a church where members read the Good Book.

But lest you think that Walsh is just some country bumpkin with a Bible, his official city biography on the Pasadena website points out that he is an M.D., served as the medical director for the Family Health Division of the Orange County Health Care Agency in Santa Ana, is on staff at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and UC Irvine as an adjunct professor, served under the current and previous White House Administrations on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, is the past president of the California Academy of Preventive Medicine, and has served on committees with the Centers for Disease Control. He is a recipient of a Congressional Recognition for his leadership and contribution to the health of children, and the prestigious 100 Black Men of Orange County Award in Health and Wellness Care. 

Black has an Oscar. For “Milk.”

After Black got the boot as commencement speaker, college officials asked Walsh to speak. Makes sense, considering the wackiness that usually goes on at the college, that officials would engage someone who is actually a pillar of the community.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Social Justice, the Social Justice League was busily compiling “offensive” excerpts from Walsh’s sermons, posting them on an offended Facebook page, then bombarding local media with the news that they were offended.

According to the L.A. Times, “We very quickly realized that there were a lot of communities that would be offended by Dr. Walsh,” said Sarah Belknap, a fourth-year student at a two-year school and member of the Social Justice League of Amerika.

Another Social Justice Leaguer, Kelly Camacho, was reported as saying, “We were just so shocked that he was saying these things. This was even worse, to have this person as [Black’s] replacement, of all people.”

Yeah, God forbid that a biblically oriented, morally grounded, nationally respected doctor who works to prevent AIDS should replace the guy who wrote “Milk” and promotes sexual deviancy, exactly the sort of thing that leads to AIDS.

Anyway, the Leaguers got word to the city, where Walsh has served successfully as the public health director since 2010, a role in which he was responsible for overseeing restaurant inspections, founding a dental clinic for the poor and other tasks aimed at making Pasadena a healthier place.

Naturally, all that work has been called into question because some snot-nosed brats at the local college are shocked by biblical talk in their town, much less the idea that the purveyor of such talk could replace their beloved homosexual celebrity.

According to a city spokesman, officials suddenly need time to conduct an inquiry into Walsh’s ability to run his department.

Cough — First Amendment violation — cough — multimillion-dollar lawsuit — cough.

Excuse me. Allergies.

Ironically, the city’s biography of Dr. Walsh says that he is also a much sought-after speaker on topics related to social justice. Who knew?

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Social Justice, the college’s board of trustees have apologized to Black and re-invited him to be commencement speaker because … well, just because he’s so swell, and the board members are swell, and the snot-nosed four-year students are swell, and everything’s swell.

It should be noted that the apology came after Walsh voluntarily backed out of the speaker gig due to a “scheduling conflict” — probably because he didn’t appreciate having his chain yanked and found anything better to do.

It should also be noted that at this point, Black has not publicly accepted the apology and re-invite, and the college currently has no one slated as commencement speaker for the May 9 ceremony.

Any other suckers want to step up?

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