Gay Supportive Bakery Refuses Christian Order then Takes Legal Action against Christian Customer

The news is full of reports of Christian business owners who have refused to take orders that would have them participating in homosexual ceremonies. Even though the First Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to freely practice their religion, they are being charged with crimes, heavily fined and in some cases forced to close their business and lost their livelihood for practicing their religion.

In many of these cases, it seems that gay activists purposely targeted Christian owned bakeries, florists, photographers and even venues, just to make a stink over their special privileged rights. But is this a double standard that only goes against Christians and no one else? Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor and social media personality from Arizona believes there is a double standard on the freedom of religion and speech and it favors gays.

To prove his point, Feuerstein called Cut the Cake bakery in Longwood, Florida who states that they support same-sex weddings and asked if they made sheet cakes. The person on the phone was owner was Sharon Haller, owner of the bakery. Feuerstein recorded the brief phone conversation and posted the video on Facebook.

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When Haller said yes, they do make sheet cakes, the conversation went like this:

Feuerstein: “I need a sheet cake and I need it to say, ‘We do not support gay marriage’.

After a few moments of silence, Feuerstein asked ‘hello’ to see if anyone was still there.

Haller: “Is this a prank call?”

Feuerstein: “No.’

Haller: ‘We won’t do that, sorry.”

Feuerstein: “You wouldn’t do it why?”

There was nothing but silence after that and apparently Haller hung up on him.

Feuerstein says that he does not hate gay people but was trying to prove a point that it is okay to refuse business that is anti-gay while Christians are not allowed to refuse business that goes against what they believe. His video was viewed more than 1 million times and spurred a number of people to call Cut the Cake bakery and leave nasty and even threatening messages.

Haller claims that she refused the order because it had a hateful message, but Feuerstein and others are asking what’s so hateful about just saying that you don’t support gay marriage. It’s not threatening or saying anything against gay people, just that you don’t agree with them.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any legal action being taken against Haller for refusing the order. In fact, the opposite is true. She is looking into taking legal action against Feuerstein for recording the phone without her knowledge and then posting it on social media. According to reports, police are taking her complaint seriously.

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Yes, this is proof that there is a huge double standard that negatively targets Christians in America. Feuerstein points out that if something is not done and Christians don’t start standing up for their rights that it won’t be long until Christian pastors and lay people will be arrested and jailed for preaching God’s Word.

Do you value your Christian faith? Are you willing to fight for your faith or are you one of the millions of Christians in America who think there is nothing they can do and will continue to just sit at home and allow their rights to be trampled on? Are you willing to go to jail for Christ or will you rollover and cave in to the anti-Christian liberals? Are you willing to carry your cross or will you run and hide?

Depending on how you answer, you need to ask yourself what you will say to Jesus when you die and find yourself standing before him and He asks you why you did or didn’t stand up for Him.

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