‘Gender Neutral’ University Finds That Boys Will Be Boys

The oh-so-Progressive administration of the University of Toronto has made a decision to enshrine, or rather re-enshrine, an alarmingly intolerant policy that is really just a throwback to the Dark Ages, when men were men and women were women.

They have reinstituted single-gender bathrooms in their student dorms.


The reasoning behind this move, if it can be called reasoning, is a couple of reported cases of “voyeurism,” in which some male residents of said dorms allegedly may have held their camera phones over the tops of the shower curtains and snapped a few pix of the naked girls showering there.

Like I said, sad.

I mean, who ever heard of such a thing? Who could possibly imagine a young male wasting perfectly good space on his cellphone’s memory chip by storing images of some hot, wet, naked, nubile creature he sleeps next door to?

I just can’t believe it.



All right, I can’t do this any more with a straight face.

While I feel ashamed and outraged on behalf of the young ladies involved, this is otherwise completely hilarious.

Only Progressives would be surprised at this. And apparently, the liberals at UT are so worried about their “gender-neutral” policy over and above protecting decency and the modesty of their female students that the change to the bathroom policy only applies to a few bathrooms in the affected dorms and is deemed just a “temporary” policy.

Apparently at UT, slavish devotion to a ridiculous leftist dogma is worth a few involuntary money shots. Just take one for the team, honey.

And yes, I’m deliberately being crude in order to make the point obvious.

For the benefit of liberals, here’s a quick lesson on why public “gender neutral” bathrooms are a bad idea.

This is how young men imagine a “gender neutral” bathroom to be:


Looks like fun, right?

Now, here’s how young ladies actually react to “gender neutral” bathrooms:


Is this sinking in yet?


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