George Washington Univ. Students Sign Petition to Trade US Citizens for Illegals

I’ve been contending for some time that today’s liberal education system, from kindergarten through college are more concerned about teaching socialist agendas than actually teaching students to think and reason.

In 2012, a number of videos demonstrated just how uninformed students on various campuses are. Many of the students interviewed believed that Paul Ryan was the black Democratic running mate of Barack Obama. Many others had no clue what any of the candidates stood for. One video showed college students signing a petition to allow abortions in the FOURTH trimester.

Now students at the prestigious George Washington University demonstrate either how illogical they are or how brainwashed they’ve become. Campus Reform went around the campus with a fictitious petition asking Barack Obama to deport a US citizen in exchange for an illegal alien.

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Watch the video below and before you start laughing at the ignorance of these students, realize that they supposed to represent the next generation of America’s leaders.

Caleb Bonham, Editor-in-Chief with Campus Reform, appeared with Tucker Carlson on Fox and Friends Weekend to discuss the video. The interview went:

Bonham: The leadership at Campus Reform, we took this petition over to sort of show people what the next generation of leaders thinks on immigration policy and they’re willing to sign a petition to deport one American in exchange for one illegal immigrant. Sort of a one-for-one swap.

Carlson: What if you constructed a system for $50,000 a year, your child could learn to hate you and the country they grew up in?

Bonham: That’s exactly what we’re seeing on college campuses is that these kids are taught day in and day out that other people are to blame and we need the government to step in and force equal outcomes and they completely abandoned critical thought and they’ve exchanged it for emotional thought. They’re thinking with their emotions.

Carlson: So college makes you dumber and a worse person and it’s the single most expensive thing most families pay for.

Bonham: Exactly! None of these students signed up to be, they were like you need to deport me in exchange for one illegal immigrant to come here.

Carlson: Did anybody while you were going around doing this, brilliant idea, did anyone say wait a second that’s demented?

Bonham: No! One person asked well how are you going to choose the people that are deported…This answers the age old question as to why do you see so many petition gatherers on campuses when you’re walking around. Hey, do you want to sign up to give animals rights, hey, do you want to sign up to cure the world climate change. It’s because college students will sign their name to anything that has any sort of progressive political jargon on it. And this is as crazy of an example as you can think of. Literally signing up to go into an American’s house, pull somebody out, deport them in exchange for an illegal immigrant… These are the people who are going to be leading the country.

Is it any wonder that our nation is in the mess it’s in? Once progressive socialists gained control over America’s educational system, they implemented their plans to program and brainwash an entire generation or two into believing and thinking like they do. The socialist radicals of the 1960s and 70s are today’s professor, training countless others to think just like they do.

Think about. Barack Obama talks about socialists and Marxists in his early life and how they influenced him. His closest mentor was a renowned socialist activist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis and Obama has openly said how much of his political philosophy is derived from what Davis taught him.

Now consider a whole generation of Americans that think and believe like Obama and these students at George Washington University who signed the petition. Now tell me if you really want to send your child through the public education system and send them on one of Americas many progressive universities.

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