Georgia County GOP Leaders Illegally Choose GOP Delegates, Purposely Ignoring Ron Paul Supporters

According to the Republican Party, all meetings are to follow Robert’s Rules.  All local GOP officials are supposed to have a copy of the Party rules and follow them when conducting any business, especially when electing delegates for the presidential elections.

The Republican committee for Athens-Clarke County, Georgia met on March 10 to formally select their delegates to the state GOP convention.  The meeting lasted less than a minute and their two delegates were approved.  Or where they?

The local Republican chairman Matt Brewster opened the meeting, called for a reading of the names of two delegates, then called for a vote.  He approved the vote and instantly closed the meeting.

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A number of attendees objected to the instant vote approval and called for ‘division’ which is a call for a head count of the vote.  Division supersedes all other procedures and cannot be ignored.  It does not require a second or a vote to proceed.  Once division is called for, it must be addressed and resolved before any other meeting business.

Brewster completely ignored the division call, closed the meeting and told everyone that if they had any questions to ask them to the committee secretary and it was all caught on video.

If you noticed, Brewster violated a number of GOP rules of order when he ignored the calls for division and in closing the meeting without a two thirds majority vote.  He also proved to be a coward when he left the premises immediately after he closed the meeting.

Nearly two-thirds of the meeting attendees were supporters of Ron Paul.  Even though Paul did not garner any Georgia delegates in the March 6 primary, they still wanted to be represented at the GOP national convention, but it seemed that Brewster purposely violated orders of procedure in a deliberate attempt to prevent them from getting even one Paul delegate elected.

They are taking their complaint to the state and possibly the national GOP officials.  Hopefully Brewster and other local GOP leaders involved in the illegal meeting will be severely chastised and even removed from the leadership roles.

It only serves to prove that humans are human, sinners are sinners and Republicans can act as bad as Democrats.

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