Georgia Man Ordered to Remove NRA Hat When Voting

If I were to show you a hat or t-shirt that had that NRA logo on it or said ‘NRA’, would you automatically assume that I was associated with and promoting the Republican Party?

Evidently there are some folks in Douglasville, Georgia that think so. The Atlanta suburb of 31,000 is located about 20 miles west of the state’s largest city. Like Atlanta, Douglasville must have their fair share of liberal Democrats.

Last week, a man went in to the Douglas County Courthouse to vote early. He was wearing an NRA hat and another voter got offended and complained. The man was asked to remove his hat while voting and he complied. Then on Friday, Bundy Cobb went to the courthouse to vote early. He is a certified NRA instructor and wears a hat that reads ‘NRA Instructor.’ After the incident earlier in the week, Cobb was asked to take his hat off while voting.

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Cobb told The Daily Caller:

“I went by the first two ladies, and they didn’t say anything. And then the next lady, she said ‘sir, you’re going to have to take off your hat.’”

He responded:

“What are you talking about?”

Cobb said he saw another man wearing a hat and asked what the difference was between that hat and his. He says that he has worn that hat when voting at the courthouse in the past and no one has ever said anything about it, but according to Douglas County Board of Elections Supervisor Laurie Fulton:

“The courts have found that anything that suggests associated with the NRA in many people’s perceptions is associated with the Republican Party. So in an overabundance of caution Mr. Cobb was asked to remove the hat so that no one could interpret that we were playing any favoritism over one party versus the other.”

Fulton went to explain that she contacted a contemporary in another county and the two of them concluded that the NRA hat fell into a grey area of things that could be barred at the polling stations. It’s the same grey area that was used to bar someone from wearing a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ t-shirt.


Cobb said that his hat only advertises his job as an NRA instructor and has nothing to do with the Republican Party. He doesn’t buy Fulton’s response and feels that his rights were infringed upon and frankly so do I. Cobb also points out that he knows some Democrats who belong to the NRA.

Earlier this year a Texas man was told to cover up his Second Amendment t-shirt when he voted. It’s interesting that we only hear about instances of people being asked to remove items that could suggest they are conservative and thus possibly associated with the Republican Party. I’m sure there have been people that have worn hats and shirts with obviously liberal vents to them, but I’ve never heard of any of them being asked to remove them when voting.

I have a golf shirt that shows the American flag and a bald eagle on it and I plan on wearing it when I vote next Tuesday. If anyone complains or tries to stop me, they are going to be in for a legal battle. There is nothing about my shirt that endorses either political party. It only shows my patriotism and loyalty to the country that the Democrats are trying to so hard to destroy. I urge everyone to wear something patriotic and see what happens. It will tell you if your polling place is run by liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans.

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