Germ Warfare From the Border

One of the scarier aspects of the invasion of our southern border is the number of diseases illegal immigrants are bringing with them as they respond to Obama’s opening of the gates.

Not only are thousands of immigrants risking life and limb to come here under Obama’s executive ordering of the Dream Act, but they’re bringing with them viruses, parasites and conditions that are often contagious and occasionally rare to almost nonexistent in the United States.

From whooping cough, tuberculosis, swine flu and scabies to HIV, the list of illnesses being imported is growing. Many Border Patrol agents have already reported being infected by their illegal immigrant charges.

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The Centers for Disease Control has become so alarmed by the plethora of contagions that it has quietly activated its Emergency Operations Center, a specialized unit that normally responds to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes.

The situation on the border has grown so bad at overcrowded holding facilities that immigrants are being taken by bus and plane to communities around the country where they are being met with resistance from local leaders and residents.

In Murrieta, California, hundreds of angry protesters forced buses packed with illegal immigrant children to turn around after residents got wind of the Border Patrol plan to dump the children on the local community.

As the border crisis has grown to include immigrants from virtually every part of the world, not just Central America, health officials have expressed increasing concern that the human tide may bring with it deadly diseases such as dengue and the incurable ebola virus.

In the Murrieta situation, federal officials told a packed meeting room that four of the immigrants on the buses had to be hospitalized, two with scabies, two with unidentified fevers.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long promised that his city would keep a careful account of any money it spends on the immigration issue and send a “big fat bill” to the White House.

Change needs to occur at the federal level in many ways,” Long said.

Anger seems to be growing nationwide over the porous border and the shameful situation it has created, with children and other immigrants packed in warehouses and shoved into foil sleeping bags like human-size TV dinners.

The combination of policies hindering the Border Patrol and ICE agents from doing their jobs, along with President Obama’s reckless enactment of the congressionally rejected Dream Act through executive fiat has left the country open to what amounts, in any practical terms, to a foreign invasion.

Obama caused the situation, and he shows no inclination to stop it. The only reasonable recourse left for America is to stop Obama.

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