“Give Us Your Guns For a Free Flu Shot”

City officials in Worcester, Massachusetts have a steal of a deal for gun owners. The city is enticing them to turn in their weapons with their “Goods for Guns” buyback program. In exchange for dropping off their unloaded firearms to the Worcester Police Department, these residents will get not only a Wegmans gift certificate, but also a free flu shot. “Absolutely, positively, come one, come all,” said Deputy Police Chief Edward J. McGinn. “We’re not asking any names or questions.”

The gift certificate value ranges from $25 to $75 depending on what kind of gun is presented. Even those who have a gun without proper licensing will be granted amnesty if they turn in their weapons. Once all the guns are gathered, they will be destroyed.

Since this particular buyback program started 10 years ago, they’ve collected 2,200 guns. It’s done in collaboration between the city police and public health departments. The public health commissioner and surgeon at UMass Memorial Hospital Dr. Michael Hirsh said that the program is to be credited for keeping the city’s firearm fatality rate so low. The Telegram reported:

 “Dr. Hirsh started the first gun buyback program in Pittsburgh in 1994 because he suffered the loss of a fellow surgeon, John C. Wood II, who was shot and killed on his way to work one day outside the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in upper Manhattan on Nov. 2, 1981. His son, John C. Wood III, plans to participate this year. LaNyia Johnson, sitting in a wheelchair, and his mother, Marcy Johnson of Worcester, attended a news conference at Worcester Police headquarters to offer their continuing support of the program. Mr. Johnson, 18, was just 13 when he was struck by a stray bullet while he was sitting on a couch at his aunt’s house on Douglas Street. The bullet came through a door and struck him in the spine. He was paralyzed from the waist down.”

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 So, this is the typical left’s mentality. A loved one gets shot either intentionally or by a stray bullet, and their answer is to disarm everyone. Do they really think that criminals are going to turn in their guns just so they can buy a dozen extra frozen pizzas or Hot Pockets at their local Wegmans grocery store? Do they really think these criminals will want a free flu shot so much that they’d turn in their weapon? They must be delusional.

This is the criminal’s dream come true. Having all their victims disarmed will make it so much easier to commit their crimes. In fact, they may not even have to shoot anyone when they burglarize someone’s home or carjack someone. Their victims will be disarmed and no threat to the perpetrator whatsoever.

You don’t have to be anti-vaccine to think this program is just a way to bribe citizens into disarmament. At the same time, anybody who is so willing to give up their Second Amendment rights doesn’t deserve them in the first place.

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