Glenn Beck’s “Obama in Pee Pee” Art Pulled by eBay

An artist named Michael D’Antuono painted a picture that is being shown in Boston now. It’s called “The Truth,” and it depicts Obama with outstretched arms as if hanging on a cross and a hanging head with a crown of thorns. This “work of art” was intended to be shown 4 years ago, but the artist had to cancel the art show due to public outrage. Now, he regrets canceling the show. He said that his First Amendment rights are more important than people’s hurt feelings.

Not surprisingly, it has garnered national outrage from Republicans and religious groups. Predictably, he’s being protected and defended by those on the left and the media. After all, he has First Amendment rights, and through his art, he’s just trying to “make a point.”

His painting coincides nicely with Jamie Foxx’s sardonic (or not) announcement that Obama is “our Lord and Savior.”

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A few years ago, there was another artist named Andres Serrano who sparked outrage when one of his art photographs went on display that featured a crucifix submerged in the artist’s own urine. He called it “Piss Christ.” I don’t know what the artist was trying to convey, but he had the audacity to claim to be a Christian. Serrano is also known for his bizarre and pornographic photographs as well as his “Morgue” series of photographs that show up-close pictures of human corpses.

So, what happens when we turn things around and do the same back at them? Glenn Beck made his own “art” he called “Obama in Pee Pee” and tried auctioning it off on eBay. It was comprised of an Obama figurine submerged in fake urine in a jar, and all proceeds were going to go to a charity organization. It was at $11,300 when eBay pulled the item because of a terms of service violation.

EBay said that they prohibit the sale of any bodily fluids. Even though the figurine was submerged in fake urine, the fact that “pee pee” was in the title of the item constituted a violation of the terms of service.

I don’t think Beck should give up. Maybe trying to sell it on eBay wasn’t such a good idea. Perhaps he should just go to New York City or Boston and display it at art galleries like the other artists did. I’m curious as to what the media would do with that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if liberals showed outrage for Glenn Beck’s “blasphemous” art. How dare he show Obama submerged in liquid waste, real or not. Showing Jesus in urine, or depicting Obama as Jesus, or saying that Obama is our Lord and Savior is one thing. But blaspheming Obama this way should be outlawed, they might cry.

The media are already mocking Beck for his attempt to “make a point.” But wasn’t that why the other artists did what they did? To make a point? What’s the difference? The left will cover themselves with the First Amendment, but as soon as their hypocrisy is put on display, they get in a hissy fit and rant about racism and “hate crimes.”

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