Global Temperature Records Faked to Show Warming

A British journalist and a blogger are claiming that worldwide temperature records show massive upward adjustments have been made from the original data and that historical records have also been changed to show cooler temperatures in the past.

Christopher Booker of The Telegraph cites the investigations of Paul Homewood, who compared raw data of three Paraguay weather stations going back to the 1950s with the adjusted temperatures used by warmists and found that the data were so “adjusted” that it reversed the actual cooling trend.

All three stations’ data were adjusted to show cooler temperatures in the 1950s and higher temperatures today.

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But Homewood didn’t stop there. Intrigued, he checked several more South America weather stations and found the same pattern of “adjustment.”

The reason weather station data is so important is because readings from individual stations are used by climate scientists to estimate temperatures in areas that don’t have weather stations. Thus, a higher or lower reading than actual at any single station can change the estimated temperatures of an entire region. Those regional estimates are then used to calculate global changes in climate.

Homewood is now in the process of looking at weather stations in the Arctic, from Canada to Siberia.

“Again, in nearly every case,” Booker writes, “the same one-way adjustments have been made, to show warming up to 1 degree C or more higher than was indicated by the data that was actually recorded.”

Booker also quotes a longtime climate researcher in Iceland, Traust Jonsson, as saying that he was surprised to find the revised data made Iceland’s “sea ice years,” when unusual cold devastated the country’s economy, completely disappear.

The importance of this information should be plain, which probably means it will be ignored or buried by the lamestream media.

Since the entire global warming scare is based on a perceived increase in the past 100 years of about 1 degree Celsius in global climate and a predicted rise of a few degrees in the future, adjusting temperature data up or down by as little as 1 degree has a huge impact.

If the fraud — and that’s what it is — is spread across all or most global temperature data, then it’s prima facie evidence that the entire global warming scare has been nothing but a con job.

Naturally, the warmists can’t let this stand. Already, some scientists have tried to pooh-pooh Homewood’s evidence, claiming there are good reasons to adjust the data and that at most, the adjusted data could have affected measurements by only 3 percent.

Others have begun to rebut the rebuttals, suggesting that the evidence shows the massaged data affected global climate estimates by 35 percent or more.

I’ve always felt that the whole global warming scare and rallying cries of “let’s do something” were ridiculous on their face, as demonstrated by the inability of warmists to answer the questions of what is the perfect temperature for the world, and how do you intend to hold it there?

Nonetheless, I applaud people like Booker and Homewood who roll up their sleeves and get the hard facts. If there were more sense in the world, global warming fantasies would have long ago gone the way of the Flat Earth Society.

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