Global Warming so Bad that Predictions Call for Colder Snowier Winter

Al Gore reminds me of Chicken Little, only he runs around yelling ‘the Earth is warming! The Earth is warming!’

Gore and his global warming cronies have been predicting global catastrophes due to the effects man has on the global climate. They foretell the melting of all of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, causing the oceans to rise and flooding hundreds of millions of people’s home in the coastal cities and regions. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Mumbai, Osaka, Guangzhou and others will be inundated and destroyed by the rising seas.

So if all of that was true, then why was last winter one of the coldest on record throughout much of the United States and several other northern parts of the world. I live in northern Kentucky about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati. Our average seasonal snowfall is 22.1 inches from October thru April. Last year at my house, I measured 42.9 inches, nearly doubling the seasonal average.

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Global warming advocates predicted a bad hurricane season this year, but so far oceans have been relatively quiet with less than normal named storms.

As we begin to approach fall and winter, many weather predictions are saying that we are again in for a colder and snowier winter than normal and that it will be worse than last year. For example, take the prediction made by Dr. Boris Scvediok, a doctor of global weather science:

“For the sake of comparison to the past winter, let’s say that your area received a total of twenty inches of accumulative snow for the season. Because this year the snowfall is predicted to start by the end of September or the beginning of October, you can expect to multiply that number by up to five, ten, maybe even twenty times in some areas. In the worst zones, you could see 50 times the amount of snow you’ve had in the past. This is the type of winter the American public needs to prepare for. Several meteorologists are saying not to buy into what the models are showing. I can tell you from forty years of scientific weather research, they are doing you a disservice. The Northeast, Ohio Valley, and Midwestern states will definitely get hit the hardest.”

Great! I live in the Ohio valley area. So if we get an average of 22 inches of snow per winter season, he is predicting we could get up to 100 or more inches? I surely hope not. I know that some of you live in areas where that is your normal, but it’s not normal here.

If it was just Scvediok making this prediction I wouldn’t be so concerned, but it seems to be the general theme I’m hearing from a number of meteorological sources. Edward F. Blankenbaker, Senior Administrator of Meteorologists also predicted:

“Pretty much everyone will see snow like they never have in their lives. Most younger people don’t even know what an actual blizzard looks like, but by the end of March, they will be seasoned survivalists. Everyone needs to make sure they have their weather emergency kits prepared and ready to go. There will undoubtably be mass power outages, which along with freezing temperatures and enough snowfall to immobilize entire cities, will most likely, and unfortunately, be a very dangerous recipe. Safety always comes first and the time to prepare is right now.”

Oh yeah, our summer here had fewer days of extreme high temperatures than normal.  So how does Gore explain back to back record winters with a less than average hurricane season and less than average summer temps sandwiched between them? If this is global warming, then I’m definitely not looking forward to any global cooling unless it acts the same way and causes winter temps to be above average. And to think, Gore was so close to becoming our president.

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