Global Warming Is About Control and Money Not Climate

I don’t normally like to bash others just because they have a different point of view. However, regarding this topic, I take pleasure in verbally beating up on those members of the Church of Perpetual Heat — the man-made Global Warming nuts.

We in Realville, as Rush calls it, realize that a cold winter does not equal a global cooling trend, but neither does a hot summer prove global warming.

Yet that is exactly what we hear from the so-called warming experts whenever the temperature drifts above 100°F. When the temperature dips, the same fools either ignore it or call it climate change.

We don’t normally hear from the “true believers.” We hear mostly from those who have and continue to benefit financially from the warming farce and those who just want control.

One can’t really blame the ignorant true believers. They have been pummeled, year after year, with the propagandist threats of “change your lifestyle to save the planet and reduce your carbon footprint” or else.

Yet here we are setting negative temperature records across the United States and it’s not even winter.

The city of Portland Oregon, with its record-setting cold temperatures, opened warming shelters this past weekend. The director of a local Portland nonprofit said his main job was just to keep people alive.

At the same time we in the United States are freezing our backsides off, the UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres, is busy trying to shut down coal-fired power plants worldwide.

As we know, coal is dirty and icky and pollutes mother Earth. It causes excess greenhouse gases which leads to global warming, don’t you know. Tell that to Portland’s homeless, dying in the streets from exposure.

Milton Catelin, head of the World Coal Association, said Figueres is “ignoring reality. She comes from a perspective where the only challenge in the world today is global warming.”

Figueres is a man-made global warming nut, who just happens to come from tropical Costa Rica, where the high temperatures year-round are in the mid-80s and the lows in the high 60s, so naturally she has experienced nothing but warming.

A few days ago Rush Limbaugh mentioned a ridiculous article written in 2000 by Charles Onians. It appeared in the UK independent and was title, “Snowfalls Are Now Just a Thing of the Past.”

He wrote that Global Warming “is now accepted as reality in the international community.” He claimed that the facts support that warming manifests itself in warmer winters and hotter summers. Brilliant!

Here’s the money quotation: “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” I guess “the children” didn’t attend any NFL games this past weekend or end up in multi-car pileups due to excessive ice and snow.

So here we are, a mere 13 years after Mr. Onians wrote his dimwitted article, and what do we hear?

A new cold temperature record has been set in East Antarctica. Although with all the snow and ice, how does one tell East Antarctica from West? Just asking.

Anyway, the temperature recorded was — are you ready for this? … -135.8°F. What does the U.N. have to say about that, Ms. Figueres?

Makes one wonder just how cold it would be without all this man-made global warming?

In the end, Global Warming is about separating us from our money and freedom. Science has nothing to do with it.

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