‘God Bless America’ Student Vindicated

Nearly a month ago, I wrote about a student at Yulee High School in Florida getting in trouble for adding ‘God bless America, keep us safe’ at the end of making the morning announcements over the school’s PA system.

Wouldn’t you know it that there were two intolerant atheist students at the school who reacted as if their ears had been badly burned by the horrible words they heard. The atheist students were so incensed that they didn’t even bother to complain to school officials. Instead, they cried straight to the Appignani Humanist Legal Center, a branch of the American Humanist Association, who reacted quickly, sending a letter to the school district and the principal of the high school. The letter read in part:

“It is inappropriate and unlawful for a public school to start the school day with an official statement over the intercom stating, ‘God Bless America,’ for such a statement affirms God-belief, validates a theistic worldview and is invidious toward atheists and other nonbelievers.”

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“The daily validation of the religious views of God-believers resigns atheists to second-class citizens. Because attendance is mandatory, the students have no way of avoiding this daily message either.”

Instead of defending the First Amendment rights of the student who did the announcements that day, the school came down on him for deviating from an approved script. Sharyl Wood, a spokeswoman for the school district stated:

“It wasn’t part of the scripted morning announcements. The principal took the appropriate steps in speaking with the student and disciplining the student.”

Natasha Drake, Principal of Yulee High School, responded to the humanists via letter, which read:

“Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I want to point out that the statement “God Bless America, keep us safe” that was made last week on the morning announcements was not approved by school Administration nor was it in the scripted announcements. The student on his own accord made the statement. I have called the student in this morning and directed him that at no time is he to add or take away from announcements that have been pre-approved and that if he did it again, he would no longer have the privilege of making the morning announcements. I am disappointed that the students who filed the complaint did not do so with me first, as I would have addressed it immediately. Once again, thank you for bringing this concern to my attention. It is our desire and intention to respect the beliefs and constitutional freedoms of all our students at Yulee High School.”

Richard Mast, an attorney with Liberty Counsel, got involved with case and contacted the Nassau County School Board. He informed them that they and the atheists misunderstood the law and the constitutional rights of students. Mast says that atheists often misquote the laws in their attempts to intentionally intimidate school officials and Christians into cowering to their agenda.

After meeting with the school board, OneNewsNow reports that the school board issued the following statement:

“Our hope is that the phrase ‘God Bless America’ will continue to ring in the halls of Congress, in our stadiums, in our arenas, in the halls of our schools and, most importantly, in the hearts of our children.”

This is a classic example of how atheists bully school officials and students to silence their Christian voices. They twist and misrepresent the law and the Constitution just like the Muslim occupying the White House does. Like most bullies, atheists will often back down when confronted by someone who knows the laws and knows the Constitution like the people at Liberty Counsel and similar law groups. But don’t let them do that to you or your children. If you need them, don’t hesitate to contact them.

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