‘God Bless America’: What It’s All About

Positive results are best achieved through a proactive approach. On the other hand, being reactive is a futile attempt which essentially closes that infamous “barn door after…” Therefore, this latest measure against Kate Smith lacks any corrective element when judged by the elapsed time. Also, the same can be said for many revisionist attempts at America’s historical landmarks. This absence of a remedy or any possibility of a corrective redress of past deeds should cause questioning of all such vanquishing.

These “after the fact” reactions are inadequate when realizing that what entailed America’s growth, through her events, remain actual and factual, no matter how much the eraser is used. When viewing the totality of current trends and recent protests/desecrations, it would seem that Kate Smith is merely a convenient object for scorn, based upon a long ago and insignificant role which has conveniently been weaved into to this new aged rewrite of America’s history.

Such a blunt analysis particularly stings when separating the artist from the particular piece she has routinely performed. What is difficult to ignore is that the title may actually identify the real target, God and Country!

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For those still unaware, it seems that both the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers’ brain trusts have deemed Miss Kate Smith, to be supportive of past racial indignities. So, both organizations have zeroed onto her famous “God Bless America” rendition as being unworthy of future airing. This in addition to the Smith statue first being draped, covered and then two days later, removed from its South Philadelphia location

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All this emotional venting stems from her vocalizing of an unknown 1931 ditty entitled, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” which was followed with “Pickaninny Heaven” in 1933. Being born in 1907 and at the youthful age of 24 and 26, can such long ago inappropriate times now qualify for the dismissing of her ensuing 53 years filled with inspiring performances? Have the objectors confused the performer who sings with the song writer who writes? Also too, how many of us were taught that “to forgive is Divine”

Are we Americans suppose to meekly accept that his long ago misstep now calls for the scrapping of her awe inspiring “God Bless America” rendition; one which was even lauded as being an equivalent to our National Anthem? When scanning the total picture of what is ongoing in this revisionist atmosphere, God and America are the ultimate targets and Miss Smith, in this instance, seems merely to be its vehicle.

Consider some of the other instances of ridicule, assault or destruction against our American heritage. An almost century old memorial to America’s WWI sacrifice suddenly has become offensive because of its huge white cross. Objections have been voiced against the traditional and religious greeting of Merry Christmas verses the secular howdy of season greetings or happy holidays. Reoccurring acts of vandalism against our Vietnam War memorials seem routine, given the continued hostility to the present. Desecrations of Civil War monuments have become emblematic of a crusade sparking the emotions of long ago injustices. And now, due to an obvious research attempt, Kate Smith’s inspiring praise of God and Country somehow qualifies for her exclusion?

These few examples are typical of this ongoing and organized crusade against America’s near perfect heritage and her traditional Christian values.

Consider today’s rise in home schooling, which symbolizes a push back against this anti-American educational agenda; one which has revised the teachings of America’s Founding along with her various historical journeys. Instead, school curriculums preach about globalism, equality, interdependency and the need for borderless nations.

This ongoing transitioning is eased by its piece meal format. Separately, each indignity may seem useless or a bit annoying yet America’s typical response resides in that “the get along” trash can of “oh well.”

The cost of this indifference is that it has replaced our American individualism, our questioning nature when authority lectures. When the designers of America’s future can feel free to axe such a National inspiration as Kate Smith’s God bless America, expectations are flexed due to their assurances of our accepting their diversity dose; the one splintering and separating our red blooded patriotism from our instincts to care enough, even to defy and when necessary, to protect and defend.

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