Google Goes Anti-Gun

Mountain View, California is home to Google, the most popular search engine on the Internet.  Started in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has grown exponentially with the rampant addiction to the Internet.

In the most recent news from Google, they have announced that they will be excluding firearms and other weapons from their shopping search results.  In a letter sent out to firearms retailers, Google stated that their new policy was made to help ensure family safety and comply with legal regulations.

What part of family safety are they referring to?  They can’t be referring to the type of family safety like that of a Phoenix, Arizona family.  An intruder broke into a house carrying a rifle.  A 14 year old boy was home babysitting his younger siblings at the time of the break in and used a family gun to shoot the intruder, thus protecting the safety of his family.

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I’ve personally known people who have had to pull a gun out to protect themselves or their families from others that intended to harm them.  Some years back, I was driving alone on the highway when a car full of Hispanics began harassing me.  I did everything I could to get away from them, but they were relentless and began to try to force me off the side of road.  That was when I pulled out my Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag revolver and aimed it at them.  They hit their brakes, slowed down, turned around and drove away.  Without the gun to protect myself, I may have ended up several hundred feet down in the canyon that bordered the highway.

Nah, that’s not the family safety Google is talking about.  They believe that legally purchased guns are responsible for domestic violence, so in order to protect families from one another, Google will no longer help families locate and purchase a gun to protect themselves from intruders.

On the Google home page, they give a list of ten things that they know to be true and seem to be of utmost importance to them.  In light of the anti-gun news from Google, I find items 1 and 4 on their list to be hypocritical.

Item 1 says to focus on the user and all else will follow.  Evidently they believe they have grown so big that they no longer need to focus on their users.  I’m sure that there are many Google users who rely on the search engine to legally buy and sell guns and ammunition.  To decide to no longer support shopping search results for guns could well hurt the businesses of many legitimate gun dealers and individuals.

Item 4 says “Democracy on the web works,” but their actions are now denying millions of Americans their democratic and constitution rights to bear and own guns.  Google’s form of democracy is not the same as mine or that of the Founding Fathers.  In fact, it does sound a lot like the form of democracy being advocated by the Obama administration who would like nothing better than to eliminate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and disarm every American.

All Google’s anti-gun policy will accomplish will be to penalize and hurt the businesses of law abiding and legal gun dealers across the nation.  It will have little to no impact on illegal guns or the criminals who possess them.  Google needs to use its own search engine and see that guns don’t kill people, people do.  But people also use knives, baseball bats, cars, drugs and poisons to kill other people, so what will Google ban next?

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