Goon Squad Targeting Sheriff Joe before Obama Eligibility Declared

Maricopa County, Arizona contains Phoenix and eight other cities with populations over 100,000.  The most populace county in the state with nearly four million people could have a significant impact on this year’s presidential election.

In Arizona, the county sheriff is responsible for verifying the eligibility of any candidate wanting to be placed on the ballot in their particular county.  In Maricopa County, that responsibility falls to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Last year, Arpaio announced that he had instructed his Cold Squad unit to investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility to run for President.  In that announcement, he pretty much ordered the Obama administration to allow his officer’s access to the original birth documents in Hawaii that the President claims verify his US birth and right to run for the Oval Office.

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Since that announcement, the President has launched one attack after another at Sheriff Joe.

First he instructed his loyal bird dog, Eric Holder to go after Arpaio and his department for their enforcement of state immigration laws.  The DOJ descended on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department  like a flock of vultures on a dead carcass.  They swooped in and stripped Sheriff Joe and his detention officers of their federal badges that allowed them to enforce immigration laws.  They trumped up charges of illegal racial profiling to justify their actions.

But unlike most carcasses, Sheriff Joe isn’t dead yet and continues to stand his ground for what he believes is right and legal.

So now another liberal bird dog has moved into the area and is trying to launch a recall drive to get Sheriff Joe removed from office before his department can issue their results of the Obama eligibility investigation scheduled for release in February.

Randy Parraz is a radical leftist activist who has made a career of helping to launch community organized attacks on conservatives in the US and Canada.  His methods follow those of Jewish-American community activist Saul Alinsky who wrote the book Rules for Radicals.  His tactics of community organization resemble those used in 1917 Russia to rid the ruling monarchy and replace it with the communist party.

Last year, Parraz launched a community organized recall against Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce (R).  Using his Berkeley trained radial methods, Parraz rallied the huge Hispanic population to force Pearce from his prominent position in the state senate.

Now Parraz has set his Marxist tactics against Sheriff Joe in an effort to get him out of office before he can announce whether or not Obama’s name will be allowed on the ballot in Maricopa County.  In his announcement, Parraz said,

“Our focus right now is to hold Sheriff Arpaio accountable for what he has done – his abuse of power, the corruption, all the things he has done under his leadership.  We need to have a fresh start; we need to get him out.  The only way we can do this is to engage the citizens in a way in which they have never been engaged before.”

Responding to Parraz’s attack, Arpaio said,

“No way will I resign.”

Parraz is planning on going to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors to force the issue of Sheriff Joe.  He tried this in December, but was unsuccessful and we can only hope and pray that the board once again rejects his demands.

All this continues to make myself and others seriously doubt Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office of president.  If he had the proper documents, why won’t he release it and settle this matter?  No, instead, Obama would rather send his goon squad to destroy his opponents like Sheriff Joe.  When you examine Obama’s tactics, he’s no different than Venezuela’s Chavez or Libya’s former leader Khadafy.

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