GOP Caves On Debt Limit

Republicans have agreed to vote on a bill that would raise the debt ceiling temporarily, specifically through mid-April. The theory is that this would allow both chambers enough time to concoct a budget for next year. If no budget is passed by April 15th, they will be penalized with no Congressional pay until a budget is passed. The Washington Post reported:

 “As laid out to fellow Republicans by House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) in a speech at the retreat, the goal would be to force Senate Democrats to pass a budget, something they have failed to do for more than three years. With a budget in place, he told them, Republicans would require that a longer-term increase in the debt ceiling be tied to significant spending cuts.”

 Boehner said that the principal is simple: “No budget; no pay.” But they caved on the debt limit. Are they going to cave on their budget threat? Paul Ryan said that they more or less had to because they only control the House and only have limited “tactical advantages.” Hardly ever is there is an instance in Washington where the GOP have complete political advantage. They’re nearly always offset by the other chamber or the President, and even if the GOP do control both Houses and the White House, you still have to consider the RINO’s who are in it for power. These days, it seems most representatives and senators are RINO’s.

The GOP are playing a game. Everybody’s got to move as a team under the leadership of Boehner and do what he says, or he’ll kick you off your assigned committees. I’d agree that Washington politics today is nothing more than a game to most people, but we have a Constitution that everyone there swore to uphold, and that means they have to vote and decide things in accordance with the Constitution, not according to what is most likely to happen. We didn’t send them there to play their game. Every single one of them that kowtowed to Boehner and Obama should be voted out of office.

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We shouldn’t let them play their D.C. politics. We sent them there to support and defend the Constitution. And now, Obama is looking at the GOP’s compromise as a concession. Jay Carney stated:

 “We are encouraged that there are signs that Congressional Republicans may back off their insistence on holding our economy hostage to extract drastic cuts in Medicare, education and programs middle class families depend on. Congress must pay its bills and pass a clean debt limit increase without further delay.”

 The object of the game is to please everybody. They’ve got to convince their constituents that they’re kind of doing the right thing; they’ve got to convince their other “team members” that they’re all in this together; and they’ve got to convince their “enemies” that they’re willing to do anything to “work together to find a solution.” The problem is, when politicians try to please everybody, no one ends up pleased except for the politician himself, because he got to stay in power.

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