GOP Constituent Angrily Claims, ‘Almost All Racists are Republicans’

One woman has flown off the handle (much like most the liberals) and claimed that nearly all racists are Republican.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Slappy, but there’s major flaw in your reasoning.

There are TONS of racist liberals. I know this for a fact because nearly every racist person I have encountered has been a liberal.

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It was the Democratic Party who created the KKK and white supremacy….This is why I find it interesting that someone could actually claim that nearly all racists are Republicans.

Fox News reports:

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner faced the ire of some of his constituents at a series of town halls in Colorado.

Gardner, who has spoken out against President Trump’s statements on the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist rally, faced blowback in Lakewood last night.

Gardner has said the car attack by a white supremacist on counter-protesters, which left one person dead and 19 injured, was an act of “domestic terrorism.”

President Trump declined to call it terrorism in his remarks yesterday.

Gardner again said the president was “wrong” in the way he has characterized the violence and chosen to also condemn violent “alt-left” protesters.

One woman challenged Gardner on whether the Republican Party has a problem with racism among its supporters.

She boldly stated, “Republicans are not all racists but almost all racists are Republicans that are really embarrassing to stand next to.”

Wow. So strong. It must take a lot of courage to stand up and say something so inaccurate.

Donald Trump has been disavowing and condemning the KKK since 1991!! Not to mention it, he did it again after the Charlottesville riots too! What more do they want from this man!?

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