GOP Fighter Pilot Set to Unseat Dem Rep from Arizona in Recount

The 2014 midterm elections may be over for most, but in some races, there are still ballots to be counted and close races to be decided.

In one of those races just decided, it was announced that Republican Dan Sullivan unseated Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Begich. With most of the votes counted, Sullivan won the Alaska Senate race by 48.6% to 45.4%. In a released statement, Sullivan said:

“Today, we are going to begin the process of turning our country around and building a brighter future for our children.”

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This GOP victory ups their Senate seats to 53 with only one more contest yet to be determined on the Dec. 6 runoff election in Louisiana. In that race, Democratic incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu will be facing DOP challenger Bill Cassidy. In their primary election, Landrieu led with 618,840 votes with Cassidy getting 602,439 votes. However, fellow Republican challenger Rob Maness also received 202,413 votes. If Republicans can pull together and give all of their votes to Cassidy, he should be able to beat Landrieu and give the GOP their 54th Senate seat for total gain of 9 seats overall.

The Republicans also gained seats in House to extend their lead over the Democrats, but there is still one crucial House seat that is being recounted. Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, which encompasses Tucson and much of southern Arizona, was originally held by Democrat Gabrielle Giffords before she was seriously wounded and later resigned. Her House seat then went to Democrat Ron Barber. Former fighter pilot Martha McSally was Barber’s GOP challenger. Yesterday, it was announced that the final vote gave McSally the lead by a mere 133 votes. Arizona law states that any race that close is automatically subject to a recount.

One of the questions yet to be determined is that there are still 200 provisional votes that have not been counted. They were cast by voters who showed up at the polls with no verifiable identification. Those voters had until 5pm yesterday to show up and present their identification. If they fail to do so, the votes will not be counted. Knowing the Democrats, I’m sure they will protest and file a lawsuit and who knows what else to get those 200 votes counted.

If there is a recount, which is called for if the difference between candidates is 200 votes or less, it won’t begin until December 1.

McSally said she is not ready to declare herself the winner, but is confident that her lead will hold up under a recount. The Associated Press is refusing to declare anyone the winner in this close race.

Hopefully former fighter pilot Martha McSally will shoot down her Democratic opponent in the recount and fly on to Washington DC to help the GOP turn this nation around.

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