GOP Impotence, White House Unconstitutionality & Judicial Overreach – America is Broken

Obamacare: the national socialist healthcare program that has resulted in higher costs for less coverage. It has revealed the impotence of the Republican Party and the continued unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama.

Even though over 70% of the American people were against the Affordable Care Act, a Democratic controlled Congress forced the socialist healthcare plan upon them. When the American people saw just what Obamacare was doing, they rebelled and one year later Republicans regained control of the House. They made numerous attempts to repeal Obamacare but they all failed because the Democrats still controlled the Senate and the White House.

After two more years, the American people became more irate with the Obama administration and the Republicans increased their control of the House and gained a couple of seats in the Senate but not enough to take control.

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As Obamacare started to take effect, a number of sectors began to rebel against the healthcare law, so Obama starts changing timetables and various aspects of the law on his own. However, the US Constitution clearly states that only Congress can make changes to a law they passed. Obama repeatedly bypassed Congress, knowing that a Republican controlled House would fight him; he plays the hero to the American public. Surprisingly, no one in Washington had the guts to challenge the legality of Obama’s actions, proving that the GOP House was impotent to do anything.

In 2014, the American people are even more upset and concerned about Obamacare and other Democratic actions and give control of the Senate to Republicans. With control of both houses of Congress, the Republican Party is expected to take swift action to stop Obama and Obamacare, but they don’t have enough control to override an Obama veto, proving they are still too impotent to do anything.

Now, the American Medical Association and American Hospital Association are turning to the Republican controlled Congress to take action to stop two of the healthcare giants from consuming two of their competitors. If not stopped, Aetna is set to purchase Humana and Anthem is set to purchase Cigna. This would reduce the number of healthcare provider giants who are publically traded from five down to three. The two associations fear that Aetna and Anthem will become too large and powerful; creating a triopoly that could have devastating financial effects on doctors and hospitals.

However, a number of analysts believe that the lobbyists for the two associations may not be effective enough to cause Congress to do anything to stop the mergers. They point out that even the Republican controlled Congress has been totally ineffective in making any changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Thus the irony of Obamacare is further revealed. Congress, who is the only one that can constitutionally make changes to Obamacare are too impotent to do so. Yet Barack Obama, who has no constitutional or legal right to make the slightest change to the national socialist healthcare law has repeatedly made any changes he wishes.

Our Founding Fathers would weep if they saw what the federal government they created has become today. We have a leader that has assumed dictatorial powers, a Congress who is impotent and a judicial system that has assumed the roles of both president and Congress. The states have been stripped of their Constitutional authorities and powers and the people have become the slaves of the federal government. There is no doubt that our current federal government is completely broken and it seems that a second American revolution could be the only thing that could restore it to what it was meant to be.

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