GOP Leader: Democrat Memo Proves they Covered Up FISA Abuses

Oh boy.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is already the most hated Republican on Capitol Hill (among Democrats) and he’s not doing himself any favors with his latest (likely true) assertions.

At CPAC this past week, Nunes told listeners that the just released Democrat FISA Abuse memo was proof positive that Democrats have been attempting to cover up the crimes of the Obama administration.

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Nunes argued that the memo was nothing more than partisan politics run amok, and that it did nothing to refute any of the assertions made in the GOP FISA abuse memo.

“We actually wanted this out. So this has been held up for over two weeks. The FBI and DOJ had told Democrats what was wrong with their response to our memo, and they waited… We wanted it out because we think it is clear evidence that the Democrats are not only trying to cover this up, but they are colluding with parts of the government to help cover this up.

As you read it, you will see personal on myself… and chairman Gowdy. With a lot of really interesting things that sound really bad… But what you’re not going to see is anything that actually rejects what was in our memo.

What was the point of our memo? … One purpose only, and that was to show that FISA abuse took place. To have a secret court that gets abused like this is totally unacceptable, and it falls on the Legislative branch, who created all this, to provide oversight and make sure when we see a problem, we let the American people know.

What you basically will read in the Democratic memo is they are advocating that it is OK for the FBI and DOJ to use political dirt paid for by one campaign and use it against the other candidate.”

The commentary is likely to inspire even more hate from the left, but the one thing that it won’t seem to do is get Democrats to offer any proof that the Trump administration did anything wrong or that the GOP concerns about FISA abuse aren’t reasonable.

The further we get along in this mess, the more it looks like the Democrat Party was working directly with corrupt officials in our intelligence agencies… and that is a very bad thing for a supposedly free people.

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