GOP Presidential Candidates Throw Down Over ISIS!

ISIS is evil; it exists because of Radical Islamic terrorism. Nobody in America is to blame for the existence of ISIS.      Governor Bobby Jindal


Last week Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) angered many Republicans when he chose to blame the “war-hawk” wing of the GOP for the birth and maturation of ISIS as a force for evil in Syria and Iraq. That wing of the party responded quickly by turning the tables on Paul and blaming him (along with President Obama) for the existence of ISIS – implying (if not outright saying) that Senator Paul and President Obama agreed on foreign policy.

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(This is an outright fabrication, but it plays into the low information voter’s belief that Senator Paul is an isolationist. The fact is that President Obama and the establishment of both parties have largely agreed on how to approach foreign policy in the Middle East over the last few years.)

One of Paul’s most vocal critics was the Governor of Louisiana (and a fellow candidate for the GOP nomination), Bobby Jindal (R-LA). Governor Jindal went so far as to say that Senator Paul’s comments on ISIS and war-hawk Republicans were evidence that Paul is “unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Over the weekend on ABC, Governor Jindal expounded on those comments in his discussion with George Stephanopoulos.



Here’s the thing…

I agree with both men on this issue. No, I’m not taking the easy way out. I agree with Governor Jindal when he says that, “ISIS is evil; it exists because of Radical Islamic terrorism. Nobody in America is to blame for the existence of ISIS.” However, I also agree when Senator Paul blames the war hawks in the GOP (and others) for their part in the creation and growth of ISIS.

ISIS is to blame for their own evil. The dangers of radical Islam and everything that comes along with it are very real. It is no one’s fault when a violent Muslim religious zealot chooses to act out and create havoc in our communities – no one’s fault, other than their own, that is.

Bobby-Jindal-Rand-PaulHowever, and this is a big HOWEVER… I believe that our foreign policy has contributed to the growth, strength and danger of Islamic terrorism.

We have become the Islamic world’s collective boogeyman with our seemingly never-ending involvement in their nations internal affairs. In Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, we have played important roles in their internal affairs, and it has seemingly not worked out in our favor. At times there can be good cases made for our involvement – like when Kuwait begged us for help after Iraq invaded, or when Iran began working tirelessly to acquire nuclear weapons, but all too often we involve ourselves when the danger to us isn’t immediately visible.

I wonder if perhaps Governor Jindal either misunderstands Rand Paul’s perspective on the war on terror, or if he’s purposely misrepresenting Paul’s comments to gain an electoral advantage in the upcoming GOP primary.

What do you think, dear reader? Is Paul right? Is Jindal right? Are they both right?

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