GOP Senator Receives Award from Homosexual Anti-Christian Hate Group

If you were to ask anyone on the street which political party is conservative and which is liberal, you generally will hear that the Republican Party is more conservative and the Democratic Party is more liberal.  For the most part that is true or should I say used to be true.

But ask yourself why someone would be a member of one political party but hold to most of the values and agenda of the opposing political party?  Instead of asking yourself, ask Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL).

Although a member of the Republican Party, Kirk is a champion of gay rights and the legalization of virtually anything associated with homosexuality.  While serving as a US Representative from Illinois prior to winning his senate seat, Kirk also introduced HR 6257, a bill to reinstate a ban on assault weapons.

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Before I continue to point an accusing finger at Kirk, I want to acknowledge that he is a stroke survivor who has fought a valiant fight to return to the Senate.  For that I commend him, but I will not use that as a reason to ignore political liberalness.

Last April, Kirk joined Ohio Sen. Rob Portman as being the only Republican senators to support same-sex marriage. He was one of the co-sponsors of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which prohibits employers from discriminating against anyone on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation. The reason Portman changed his stance to support same-sex marriage was prompted by his son Will announcing that he was gay. Suddenly, sin was justified in Portman’s eyes because of his son.  I’m glad he wasn’t on the GOP ticket in any of the past presidential elections.

Not only has Kirk been working hard to support gay rights, he has also been working equally hard to destroy traditional marriage and family values. The World Congress of Families tried to reserve a meeting room on Capitol Hill, but Kirk launched a successful effort to prevent them from securing a room to meet in after receiving a number of complaints from gay activists.

For Kirk’s work in supporting same-sex marriage and pushing for nondiscriminatory laws to protect the sinful life styles of LGBT people, Equality Illinois presented him with the Freedom Award earlier this month. Equality Illinois is a gay rights anti-Christian hate group that launched a campaign, Flick-the-Hate to kick Chick-fil-A out of the state of Illinois after COO Dan Cathy made his famous statement supporting traditional biblical marriage. They even tried to pressure building owners to cancel the leases of the 19 Chick-fil-As in Illinois.

Notice how hypocritical the group is. Their name is Equality Illinois, but they are unwilling to extend equality to anyone who disagrees with them like Chick-fil-A. Like most of these so-called equality groups, they want superiority and the right to discriminate against Christians and anyone who holds to traditional biblical values. They cannot tolerate equality because it forces them to face people who believe they are sinners and responsible for their choice to be gay, instead of their belief that that it’s genetic and they can’t help it.

So back to my initial question of asking why Kirk is a Republican and not a Democrat?  He reminds me of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who sides more with Obama and the Democrats than he does with the ideology of the Republican Party.  With Senators like Kirk betraying the GOP, it makes this year’s mid-term election even more important to support and help elect as many Republican senators as possible to gain control of the both houses of Congress.


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