GOP Spelunkers Cave to Democrats on Amnesty, Internet

“Republicans Cave on Amnesty.”

“Republicans Cave on Net Neutrality.”

Those two headlines were repeated with several variations on Tuesday.

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I think they are technically incorrect, in that in order to “cave” on something, you have to first offer some resistance, even if it’s only token resistance, before you collapse.

The Republican leadership, on the other hand has just been digging itself a bigger and bigger hole in its quest to get away from the scary conservatives who elected their party to take over from the Democrats.

And like a giant sinkhole that eats an unsuspecting town full of gullible voters who thought the GOP could reflect conservative interests, they are just sucking everything in behind them.

Mitch McConnell apparently made a deal with Democrats in the Senate this week. Anyone with the brains God gave a rock should know that making any sort of agreement with “One-Eye” Harry Reid is like Abel agreeing to go for a walk with Cain.

Nonetheless, McConnell seems to have agreed to allow voting on funding for the Department of Homeland Security, decoupled from legislation that would defund President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty.

By doing so, McConnell seems to understand, Democrats may — may — support a separate bill on defunding amnesty.

And pigs may sprout wings and fly through the air.

The other major collapse from our fearless leaders is the surrender on “Net Neutrality,” which is really just a package of Federal Communications Commission regulations that will let the Executive Branch of government restrict, tax, squeeze, bend, pull, spindle and mutilate the Internet you know, making it slower, less usable, less convenient, more expensive and ultimately more Big-Brother-esque.

Oddly, these rules have been sought by some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech multimillionaires and billionaires, who all seem to think that the regs will harm their competitors while leaving them alone.

Clowns like Mark Zuckerberg have more money than Dr. Doom, but not really the smarts to match. The assorted megalomaniacs behind “Net Neutrality” are all angling for a guaranteed spot in the White House conference room, when all the rules will really do is give President Obama, and any future president, a greater ability to control the flow of information in this country, while crippling innovation.

Alternately being described as addressing Internet security, helping “the little guy, or a half-dozen other things, the fact that none of Net Neutrality’s advocates can simply articulate what it is about is the dead giveaway that it’s about something other than what they’re admitting to.

The GOP so-called leadership, in any event, remains firmly wrapped around the Democrats’ little finger while giving us suckers who voted for them the middle finger.

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