Could GOP Victory Mean the End of Common Core?

Over the past year, Common Core has come under attack from parents, teachers and politicians. Parents are starting to realize what garbage is included in the Common Core Standards. Its reading material not only promotes homosexuality and promiscuous sex but some of the materials glorify rape, incest and pedophilia. Parents are also finding out that Common Core is teaching their children to hate America and to accept socialist ideology.

Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage said that he regrets signing Common Core into law in his state and would look into the possibility of replacing it. Earlier this year, Indiana Governor Mike Pence moved forward with the effort to replace Common Core with a curriculum developed by Indiana educators for Indiana children. Common Core made such a negative impact on Indiana voters that two state legislators that voted for Common Core were defeated in this year’s primary elections. In addition to Indiana, Oklahoma, Louisiana and South Carolina have also repealed Common Core.

In Tennessee, the Williamson County School Board voted 12-0 to oppose Common Core in favor of educational standards that are driven by local educators. They also expressed their desire to see Common Core repealed for the entire state of Tennessee.

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Now that the elections are over, two more states, Wisconsin and Ohio, both run by Republican governors, are moving forward to repeal Common Core. In Ohio, Republicans are moving quickly on the issue as a state House committee passed a bill to repeal the socialist curriculum on November 5, the day after the elections. Ohio Democrats have said they will double down on their efforts to preserve Common Core and believe that the bill will not have enough support to pass the full House or Senate.

In Wisconsin, State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, the Senate Majority Leader has said that changes to Common Core are one of items already on next year’s agenda. Re-elected Gov. Scott Walker campaigned for more school choices during his run for re-election and has made it clear that he would be in favor of repealing Common Core for a more conservative curriculum. In recent statement, Walker said:

“Today, I call on the members of the state Legislature to pass a bill in early January to repeal Common Core and replace it with standards set by people in Wisconsin.”

For the sake of our children and generations to come, I pray that the movement to repeal Common Core starts snowballing from state to state until it gains so much momentum that Common Core is driven out of every public school in the nation. It needs to be replaced with a curriculum that teaches the real history of America along with the values and morals that made America strong and powerful.

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