GOP Wins Control Of Senate In 2014 Says Karl Rove

Karl Rove is no stranger to politics and predicting political trends.  He served at the Deputy Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush.  Since that time, Rove works as a political strategist.

For 2013, Rove said that he was right with 10 of his major political predictions, was wrong on only 4 and tied on another.  Among his right predictions were Obama’s approval ratings dropping from 53% at the beginning of the year to 40% at the end of the year.  He also predicted that Obama would face at least one additional major scandal which proved to be the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups.  Rove predicted that the roll out of Obamacare enrollment would be ‘ragged and ugly’ and it was every bit of that.

His failed predictions included the death of Fidel Castro, who is still alive and that Syrian leader Bashar Assad would be removed from office.  Rove said that unemployment would be 8% by year’s end and the adjusted and manipulated government figures declare the unemployment level to be at 7%.  His fourth failed prediction concerned the grandchild of President and Mrs. George W. Bush.  Rove predicted a grandson, but they are the proud grandparents of a granddaughter.

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His tied prediction concerned the debt ceiling.  Rove predicted the debt ceiling would be raised but that Obama would be forced to make spending cuts and he wasn’t.

With a 10-4-1 record, Rove is predicting that Republicans will maintain power in the House and will end up with 50 or 51 seats in the Senate after the 2014 elections are counted.  Rove stated:

“The GOP will most likely end up with 50 or 51 Senate seats (in the former case, keeping Vice President Joe Biden fully occupied for two years presiding over the chamber).  Control of the Senate may not be decided until December’s Louisiana runoff.”

“Propelled by union contributions, Democrats will outspend Republicans overall in House and Senate races.”

He is also predicting that even though support for Obamacare will drop below 30%, that Kathleen Sebelius will remain as Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Enrollment in Obamacare will also remain far below projections and that costs associated with Obamacare will continue to increase.  Finally, he says that Obama will blame the insurance companies and Republicans for all of the Obamacare failures.

Of all these predictions, the one I pray comes true more than all of the others is the one about the GOP winning control of the Senate.

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