GOP’s War on the Tea Party

It’s what they used to call a fine how-do-you-do.

But it’s become commonplace now, after a Republican lawmaker like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul takes a principled stand, to be treated to stories about GOP big shots mouthing off about the Tea Party.

Obviously, the mainstream media has something to do with this. The liberal hacks who pose as journalists these days don’t like the Tea Party because the White House and the Democrats don’t like the Tea Party. So the media have complied with countless false stories about Tea Party racism, Nazism and general criminal behavior.

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It follows that they have on speed dial all the country club establishment, Republicans in leadership positions or formerly in leadership positions who also hate the Tea Party for pressuring them to actually serve the people.

The way the game is played today is like this: A guy like Ted Cruz organizes some friends and stands up to the Obama Administration. The Administration does something stupid, like “shutting down” the government by punishing tourists and American travelers. People get mad because of what the Administration is doing. Obama blames  the Republicans. The media blames Republicans. The Republican establishmentarians look up from their lobster salads in puzzlement and blame the Tea Party for magically pulling Republican strings — strings which apparently the Republican so-called leaders didn’t even know existed and have no control over.

For the most part, the Tea Party is out of the loop in Washington, D.C. There are politicians who have the support of many Tea Party members, but it’s not because the Tea Party has bought influence (like Democrats do), it’s because those politicians happen to do things that Tea Party members like, such as actually publicly arguing against allowing Obamacare to go into effect.

Those GOP leaders complaining about the Tea Party are actually complaining because Republicans are taking it upon themselves to do things that are right and to try to serve the people, without the leadership’s approval. They’re complaining because the Tea Party has inspired Republicans to challenge their go-along, old-boys’-club mentality and show that the hierarchy really isn’t in charge — the people are. And mostly they’re mad because they’re not being invited to all the chichi Democrat-sponsored shindigs because they’re on the outs with Obama.

“It’s time for someone to act like a grown-up in this process,” said former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, blaming the Tea Party and favorites like Cruz for making Obama dig in his heels and bring about the shutdown.

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was also sour on the current Washington standoff, saying of the effort to defund Obamacare, “It never had a chance.”

Sununu’s right. It is time for the adults to take over, and those grown-ups are the politicians who uphold the Constitution and are willing to hold this Administration accountable for its many breaches of the law, not the tired, saggy, power-hungry sad sacks who are running things now.

If the Tea Party has inspired rebellion among some GOP politicians, it’s long overdue. It’s long past time for guys like John McCain, Sununu and others to retire and putter around their gardens.

Let some people who care about the state of this country have a chance to run it.

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