Gov. Moonbeam: Money for Illegals, but Not for Water

There’s a reason California Gov. Jerry Brown is nicknamed “Gov. Moonbeam.”

The late great Mike Royko coined it in 1976 when he said that Brown, during his first turn as governor was attracting “the moonbeam vote,” meaning the young, idealistic and ultimately stupid voters.

Royko, however, had a sneaking admiration for Brown during those younger days. At the time, California had everything going for it: tops in schools, technology, agriculture, the works.

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Royko ultimately apologized for the nickname.

If only he had lived this long, I suspect Royko would take back the apology.

Brown truly epitomizes everything wrong with California and every policy that since his first turn as governor has driven the state into the ground.

Just this past week, Brown signed a bill that will allow for spending millions of dollars on free legal representation for illegal immigrants in the state. The smart money says most of that money will be spent actually suing the state for more benefits, rights and other “gimmes.”

Meanwhile, the state is in a severe drought, and water supplies are running low. At least a dozen communities are in danger of running out of water altogether in the next 60 days.

Does the state make plans to truck in water? Does it negotiate emergency deals with other states, such as Colorado for instance, to draw more water from shared resources? There’s an entire ocean sitting off the west side; does the state invest in desalination technology? Does it even take the opportunity to build more dams so that future droughts can be eased? Does it even say to heck with the delta smelt and divert river water to parched farms?

You can guess the answer.

The state’s big, proactive plan for securing California’s water future? Household daily allotments. If you go over, you get cut off. And by the way, we’ll be needing some more tax money to pay for the water police.

Meanwhile, it’s full speed ahead for illegals and for bullet trains to nowhere.

I’m thinking Gov. Moonbeam got off easy in the nickname department.

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