Gov. Perry Calls for ‘Show of Force’ to Regain Control of Border

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, unlike a certain national commander in chief who recently visited Texas, has been to the border and seen the human disaster caused by lax federal enforcement of immigration laws.

Also unlike the president, nearly the entire Democratic Party and much of the GOP, Perry has chosen not to talk about amnesty, immigration “reform” or handling the illegal immigrants swarming over our border with kid gloves.

Instead, Perry is talking about something much more basic, rational and sane. He’s talking about retaking the border and getting it back under our control.

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To do it, we need to make a show of military and police force, Perry believes.

He said we need 1,ooo National Guard troops and 3,000 Border Patrol agents to get the job done.

“This is — if not the number one — one of the highest priorities for this country from a national security standpoint is making sure this border is secure,” he told Fox News.

He also called for a change in federal immigration strategy, actually placing Border Patrol agents within a few miles of the border instead of as far as 50 or more miles inland.

“The administration has historically had them back 40 to 50 miles in the apprehension business,” Perry said. “I’m interested in the prevention business. We ought to be stopping people from crossing the border, not apprehending them after they get inland.”

Perry has been very critical of President Obama’s absence on the border issue. While Perry and Obama did discuss the border on Wednesday in Dallas, the president has not only not visited the border, but he has refused to do so, telling at least one reporter that he has people in the Administration who have visited the border and reported to him on the situation.

Even for King Putt this is an impressive level of indifference.

He’s probably thinking he’ll lay low on the border crisis so that his zombie minions don’t connect him or his policies in anyway to the humanitarian horror he has wrought.

The plan is still to use abandoned, homeless, hungry, sick and dying children as a hammer with which to persuade the GOP to go along with his plan to give the thousands pouring across the border, plus millions already here, a free pass for citizenship with every enrollment in the Democratic Party.

Perry is one of a few, if not the only, politician speaking common sense. Bold plans always have an element of danger, and Perry’s is no different.

Putting National Guard troops on the border would be a risky move, because the troops aren’t trained in face-to-face law enforcement. Their best use would be as the strongman standing behind the shoulder of the Border Patrol. The last thing anyone wants is to see children caught in a crossfire.

On the other hand, the National Guard could give a much-deserved smackdown to drug cartel personnel and Mexican military troops who do things like crossing into U.S. airspace and “accidentally” firing on U.S. agents.

Maybe we could even trade some Mexican soldiers for our Marine still being held in a jail south of the border. That’s another issue Obama won’t go near.

He only stands up for deserters.

Perry is correct. This isn’t merely a “crisis,” but a full-scale invasion. We need to stop talking about amnesty and start talking about taking back our border.


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