Government: America’s #1 Addiction

Depending upon which expert you ask, you will hear that the number one addiction in the United States will range from tobacco, alcohol or pornography.  But have you ever considered the possibility that government, state and federal, may be the top addiction in the county?

Millions of Americans have become dependent upon the government to provide so many benefits or programs for them that they find themselves unable to cope without it.  From welfare, to healthcare, to education, to retirement and so on, too many people are addicted to the aid they receive.

Millions of people on welfare and receiving Medicaid and food stamps find that they cannot financially afford to get a job.  If they were able to find a job that paid near minimum wage, they would lose more in benefits than they would make working 40 hours a week and paying taxes.

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The way the government aid programs are structured, it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get out of the program.  There’s no difference in someone trying to get off of government assistance by getting a job than someone trying to kick a cocaine habit by themselves.

The social programs actually perpetuate the reliance on the government, much like a drug dealer keeping his clients hooked on his drugs.  Without some kind of helpful intervention, the addict is bound to continue in their addiction until it completely consumes them.

Government addiction also applies to millions of retirees.  Years ago, most companies offered some kind of pension program for their employees.  When Social Security was first enacted, the average lifespan after retirement was only about 3-5 years.  It was meant to be a short term supplement to add to one’s pension.

Today, very few companies offer pensions and the average lifespan after retirement has increased to 10-15 years.  Consequently, retirees are now having to live off of Social Security alone for 3-5 times longer than the program was designed to cover.  In many cases, Social Security is not enough to provide the basics, forcing many older people to rely on other government programs to get them through.

Instead of working on solutions to get people off of their government addictions, state and federal government continues to throw more and more programs at them that only add to their addiction.

I admit that I don’t have all the answers and not sure what the solutions are, but I do know that the current system needs to be drastically overhauled with the goal of helping as many people as possible overcome their government addiction and become self-sufficient members of society.

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