Government Education: More and More Buck for Less and Less Bang

SAT reading scores for graduating high school seniors reached the lowest point in four decades, The Washington Post tells us. Never before have so many children come out of school virtually illiterate and helpless in a world where reading comprehension becomes more and more important in finding and keeping a good job; and employers are more and more disappointed with the low intellectual and educational level of the young generation of employees.

And that’s the public schools. Private school and homeschool students are doing just fine. It is that same government system of K-12 schools that lives off the money of all taxpayers that produces the failures; the same system that is ridden by corruption scandals, cheating on every level, and is controlled by teachers union thugs gone out of control.

And this is that same system that for the last several decades consistently increased its spending per student, imposing larger burdens on the tax-payers and the state budgets, creating deficits worse than anything this nation has seen before. And it is the same government system whose leaders lie about the true costs and the true effects. And the same system that in Wisconsin and other states decided it was acceptable to quit work and stage political protests, manipulating the children into helpless puppets to join the political activism of their teachers, for the political gain of the Democrat Party and the financial gain of the teachers themselves.

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And despite the increased spending, the system produces more illiterate students every year. Those who have entrusted their children to the public school teachers, find out that their children have become victims.

No one should be surprised. The public school system in America was never meant to provide education. It was set up by Fabian Socialists whose goal was to separate the children from the “crude influence” of their families and instructed in a new religion: the religion of collectivism and socialism, and the worship of the state. Education in America was superior in the past, as so many European observers admitted in the 19th century; and it was superior without any government interference, run only by the families and the churches. Most of America’s inventors were either homeschooled or went to parochial schools. The greatness of American education in those days was not in a bureaucratic system but in the American spirit of personal freedom and the moral validity of capitalism. It is this personal freedom and the value of capitalism as a social system which encouraged productivity and innovation that became the target of the socialists who created the public school system. The goal was to separate the children from their families; then subject them to a moral environment different from the Christian moral environment in the home; then indoctrinate them in the new religion of statism. Education, knowledge, skill were never the goal; the system looked – and still does – at the children as a tool to subvert their parents’ moral commitment to Christianity. From the very beginning, public schools were meant to be seminaries of a pagan religion, designed to destroy the faith of the previous generations of Americans and paganize the nation.

The results are obvious: We have today a system that spends more and more money, and produces more and more illiterate children. Illiterate as they are, they are more and more committed to self-indulgence, to empty shallow existence from one seance of entertainment to another; too dumbed-down by the system, they can’t comprehend any intelligent account of reality that is not served to them in soundbites and 15-second videoclips. Thus reduced to the intellectual level of animals, they become and easy prey for socialist and liberal propaganda which is based on soundbites and 15-second videoclips because socialism and liberalism have no intellectual depth nor meaning to its message anyway.

No one should be surprised. The public school system is achieving its original goals. The low SAT scores are only the tip of the iceberg, the visible result. What is pushed as “education” in the very system itself is far worse – leftism, environmentalism, sex-ed, sodomy, etc. The children are at the receiving end, forced to attend by parents that are too lazy to care, and by a nation that is too blind to see the reality about the public schools.

Which means that the public system must be dismantled before there is any major change in the political and social life in the US. As long as the majority of our children are sent to a public school to be indoctrinated by socialists, the liberals win. The temples of statism and Marxism must be destroyed and education must be returned back to the families (and the money to the tax-payers). Without it, we will have more and more illiterate, dumbed-down loafers who can’t built civilization but can only destroy it.

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