Government Inability Helps The Second Amendment In Cook County Illinois

Sherrif Tom Dart says that, “the system is broken.”

That is good news for Conservatives. It is good news because “the system” Dart refers to is really the arm of the state trying to interfere with and obstruct peaceful society. Dart isn’t talking about any real offenses against property or life that his office is unable to prevent or bring to justice (though it wouldn’t surprise me if real crime is growing because the sheriff’s office is distracted trying to deal with people who aren’t attacking anyone else). He is talking about people in Cooke County, Illinois who are not cooperating by surrendering their state license to purchase or posses (!) a firearm.

“An Illinois sheriff’s team is crisscrossing the Chicago suburbs in an effort to seize guns from thousands of people whose right to own a firearm has been revoked, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. According to the paper, more than 3,000 people in Cook County have failed to surrender their revoked Firearm Owners Identification Card, or FOID, which is required to legally buy guns or ammunition. Sheriff Tom Dart said he thinks many of the 3,000 continue to possess firearms.”

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Throughout the Fox story there is a weird ambiguity. Is the Sheriff upset because people haven’t “turned in” their revoked FOID card? Or are they expected to hand over their card as well as all their firearms. According to the Wikipedia article, the card not only can be revoked for a variety of reasons, but it also only lasts for five years. If you neglect to get a new one, it seems that all your guns can simply be legally stolen by state agents without any compensation.

“FOID cards are meant to protect the public from gun owners who suffer from mental illness; felonies and protection orders also are grounds for the state to revoke the holders’ FOID cards.  It’s illegal to buy guns or ammunition without one, the Sun-Times reports. In one case, the team recovered more than 35 firearms, including four AR-15 assault rifles, from a suicidal man whose card was revoked. Many times, the team gets the FOID card, but not the gun.”

The Constitution acknowledges the freedom to acquire, keep, and bear firearms to be “a right of the people.” The Illinois system allows the state to cancel the exercise of that right for reasons that amount to far less than the conviction of a real crime. Being diagnosed as “suicidal,” or even attempting suicide and being stopped, does not cancel a man’s rights. We now are giving doctors the right to suspend the second amendment.

The police coming to your door to confiscate your guns is already a reality in Cook County:

“The State Police alert the sheriff’s gun team every week to about 10 to 20 new FOID revocations in Cook County. The investigators then conduct a basic probe into the gun purchasing histories of the people they intend to contact. Then they knock on their doors.”

Happily, the Sheriff’s department is overworked and unable to keep up. This shows a silver lining. As the economy gets worse and Illinois has to deal with admitting it is a bankrupt state, hopefully this law will become completely unenforceable.

The system is broken; let us hope and pray it completely disintegrates.

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