Government Paid Murderers Infiltrating America’s Public Schools

If I described to you an organization of people that are involved in the subversion of authority, the planned defoliation of America’s youth and responsible for multiple murders, you may think I was talking about organized crime, but I’m not.  I’m talking about an organization that receives millions of taxpayer dollars to help them teach our children that mom and dad don’t need to know about their sexual activity and provides whatever means necessary to prevent or abort pregnancy.

I’m talking about Planned Parenthood who receives over $300 million of government funds (our tax dollars) to distribute birth control measures (condoms and other contraceptives) to our school aged children without parental knowledge or permission.  Now mind you that most schools require parental permission for a student to bring aspirin to school to take, but they allow Planned Parenthood to come in and distribute a variety of contraceptives to kids without the parents knowing.  They also provide an abortion, if necessary to our school aged girls without parental knowledge or permission in many states.

A group of parents in Salem, Oregon are upset and tired of having the schools and Planned Parenthood subvert their authority and assisting in teaching their children sexual promiscuity and immoral lifestyles.  Salem School Watch says on their website:

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Planned Parenthood is America’s abortion provider. They derive most of their income from the killing of unborn children. On this basis alone, they should never be given access to our children. Their business model is based on abortion.”

On the issue of allowing Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for more murders than all of the casualties of all of the wars that our country has ever been involved in, the parent group stated:

Planned Parenthood gained access to our children by claiming to be interested in reducing teen pregnancy. Yet Planned Parenthood promotes teen sex and promiscuity, which is the direct cause of teen pregnancy. They are not in the business of ‘women’s health’ as they claim. They are in the business of sex, pure and simple. They have even published a ‘Young People’s Guide to Sexual Rights’ which states on page 14 that ‘All young people are entitled to sexual well-being and pleasure.’”

“In other words, they don’t believe that parents should have any say, or that your church has the right to teach that children shouldn’t have sex. Rather, Planned Parenthood promotes violating parental rights to raise children according to the values of parents. They are now in our schools.”

When Salem School Watch filed a complaint with the school district, the district said that Planned Parenthood was not involved in the classroom or any teaching of students.  The parent group continued to pressure the district until they finally admitted that Planned Parenthood was involved in the teaching of students, and then appeared to back down on Planned Parenthood.  However, the parent group has learned that the district recently signed a new contract with Planned Parenthood and the new contract actually expands the role of Planned Parenthood and their access to students.

Salem School Watch admits that their battle with the school district concerning Planned Parenthood is not going to be easy or settled quickly.  They are preparing for a long battle that they will not abandon until they have saved their kids along with everyone else’s kids from the anti-parent, anti-life and immoral teachings of the Democrat’s legalized murder institution.  They are hoping to get more parents involved until they have a large enough voice that the school district will be forced to listen to them.

President Barack Obama fully endorses Planned Parenthood.  In his debate last week with Mitt Romney, he spoke of placing an emphasis on education and adding at least 100,000 teachers.  (I noticed that he never said how he planned to pay for this many teachers at a time when many school districts are having to lay off teachers because of budget deficits.)  As supportive of Planned Parenthood as Obama is, I can see him expanding their government funding and pushing to get them into every public school in the nation so they can continue to undermine parental authority and murder more unborn children.

If Obama wins re-election, Salem School Watch is in for a very long and hard battle.

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