Government Shuts Down But Not Obamacare

The Democrats succeeded in shutting down the federal government.

National Parks, the National Zoo and museums including the Smithsonian Museums are closed.  The State Department will not be processing passport applications and Social Security will not be processing any new applications or requests for earing statements or duplicate cards.  Chances are any new applications for Medicare or Veteran Affairs won’t be processed.  The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 52% of their staff will be furloughed during the shutdown.

According to President Obama, rural communities, small business owners and families applying for federal loans, including mortgages will find their applications frozen until the government has once again been funded.  Nearly half of the civilians working for the Defense Department will be furloughed, but the shutdown is not supposed to affect our military.

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Supposedly, the White House said that it will operate with a skeleton staff.  However, the Obamas have never been ones for sacrificing their luxuries provided by millions of hard working Americans so I have to wonder just who they will do without during this horrible ordeal.  Will it be the $100,000 dog walker or the two calligraphers that jointly earn $227,000 a year?  Taxpayers should insist that Michelle Obama’s mom move out of the White House so we can stop supporting her life of luxury.  After all, the people elected Barack, not his mother-in-law.

In all, over 800,000 federal employees are staying home and losing pay all because the Democrats refuse to compromise or negotiate with the Republicans.

But guess what part of the federal government WON’T shut down?  Besides air traffic controllers, Social Security checks and the military, Obamacare will remain up and running full steam ahead consuming millions of Americans like a whale consumes plankton in its huge jaws.  The exchanges are up and running and counting on thousands of ill-trained people to enlist American’s into socialist medicine.  The administration is relying on the 17,000 librarians nationwide to lead people to their computers and sign their lives and privacy away.  Teachers and thousands of other professional people have been duped into recruiting Americans to sign up for Obamacare.

So as the House Republicans fight to delay or defund Obamacare and the Democrats shutdown most of the federal government, the beast known as Obamacare continues to thrive and feed on ill-informed and gullible Americans.  The beast will grow fatter and become all-consuming while almost everything else comes to a screeching halt.

Welcome to the death throes of America.  The once great and mighty nation has succumbed to the deadly disease known as liberal progressivism or socialism.  If history holds true, the disease will ravage the nation until it collapses upon itself.  And who knows what will emerge from the ruins.

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