Government to Require Firearm Safety Training for Dogs?

Every time something accidental happens in the US, some advocacy group will start ranting and raving until there is a national recall or a law passed requiring some kind of action to prevent similar accidents.

In some cases, these reactions have seemed extreme and often defy common sense. For instance, toy makers cannot manufacture toys that are small enough for children to choke on, yet marbles are still a popular toy sold throughout the nation. Or who was it that passed a law in New York that said the penalty for jumping off a building was death?

So after hearing the news clip below, I can see someone demanding some kind of safety or obedience training as a requirement for anyone to take a dog with them when they go hunting especially since this is the second case in a short period of time when someone’s dog shot them while hunting.
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In the first incident, Billy E Brown was deer hunting with his bulldog Eli and a friend. As they were traveling down a bumpy road, Eli was getting excited and starting jumping around. Eli hit Billy’s gun and caused it to discharge, hitting Billy in the thigh. His friend rushed him to the hospital where Billy underwent surgery and has been listed in critical condition.

In another incident, a Utah man was duck hunting with his dog. He was setting out the decoys when his dog got excited and started jumping around in the boat. And like Eli the bulldog, knocked the owners gun, causing it to discharge, hitting the owner in the buttocks.

All hunter safety courses that I know of teach people to not carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle, including a boat. However, humans are not always the brightest beings under the sun, so sooner or later, someone is going to push for some kind of hunter safety program for dogs that will teach them not to jump around on loaded weapons and shoot the hand (or butt) of the one who feeds them.

And if you think this sounds ridiculous, do some research on some of the legal action people have tried to pull over the years. There was the couple that tried to sue their state game and fish department for failure to control their wildlife when a mountain lion attacked their son while they were camping out in the wilds. Or the person who tried to get restrictions passed on baby bibs because someone could accidently tie it too tight and choke the baby.

These are also the people that lead to warning labels that are so absurd that to take it serious would question one’s own intelligence. One of my favorites was the safety diagram that use to be in the pocket on the back of airline seats. About 15 years ago, one of the major airlines had at the top of the safety card the following statement, “If you are unable to read this, please notify an attendant who will read it to you.”

Our nation is full of crazy people and when someone gets wind that more than one dog has shot its owner while hunting, just you wait and see what they’ll try to do to prevent it from happening again. If nothing else, it ought to be good for a laugh.

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