Governor Moonbeam and Stuff

California Gov. Jerry Brown descended from his mountain (more like a buzzard’s perch, actually) on Friday long enough to comment on the border “situation,” which he informed us is somehow not the responsibility of the Obama Administration.

Everybody’s blaming — it’s Obama’s fault, it’s the border this and that,” Brown said while speaking to the American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles. “Wait a minute, we’ve got a human tragedy here. We’ve got kids whose throats are being slashed in El Salvador and Honduras and Guatemala. And not, by the way, accidentally, from some of the policies of the last 20 and 30 years.”

So the current flood of illegal aliens has nothing to do with the Administration sitting on its thumbs while drug cartels exploit President Obama’s open-border policies. Obama is not enjoying and indulging the chaos in order to further his agenda.

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No, the fault lies with the deliberate throat-cutting policies of the past several decades (excluding the Clinton years, one assumes).

Note that while the border’s always been a problem, during no time during those past decades did we have a barrage of children hurled at the border like we are having now.

It’s apparently like global warming. We’re expected to believe this current crisis has always been there, it’s just been on hiatus.

Typical liberal fluff.

Just because he’s the guy who’s in the office now doesn’t mean that President Obama is actually responsible. On one level, we can agree with that because we all know that President Jarrett is the one who’s really in charge at the White House, but Obama’s the one with his name on the door where the buck stops, like it or not.

Of course, Brown wouldn’t be Governor Moonbeam if his brain interfaced with reality at any point, and he was in top form at the L.A. Convention Center.

He also took a jab at Texas, which has been cleaning California’s clock when it comes to luring businesses to its state.

By the way, they [illegal immigrants] may come in through Texas because they have so many holes in the border down there, but they usually want to get over to California as fast as they can because stuff is happening here,” he bragged.

First of all, no one but Governor Moonbeam has noticed any lack of border infiltration in California.

Second, if illegals are looking for jobs, they’re far likelier to get them in the Lone Star State.

Third, “stuff is happening here”?

It’s a head scratcher discerning exactly what “stuff” Moonbeam was referring to.

Perhaps he meant the fleecing of residents and businesses by a corrupt government that keeps raising taxes, driving people out of the state, then wonders why its revenues don’t match projections?

That’s some interesting “stuff.”

Or perhaps he meant the funny shell game he and the Legislature have been playing when they say the state has a cash surplus of $5.6 billion while this year so far it’s got an actual deficit of $10 billion, it still has a debt of $340 billion and it has unfunded pension liabilities of more than $500 billion.

Possibly he was referring to California’s own throat-cutting policies that have destroyed the vast farmlands of the San Joaquin Valley by shutting off the water flow to save a non-native “endangered” species of sardine called the Delta smelt.

Maybe he meant the way environmental regulations have shut down dams and emptied reservoirs for the sake of nature preservation, resulting in a man-caused drought.

Or perhaps he was referring to the amusing little schemes like bans on plastic grocery bags that replaced the flimsy, mostly biodegradable shopping bags with new, sturdier “reusable” plastic bags that won’t fall apart anytime soon and which, by the way, you now get to pay a tax on.

Maybe he was thinking of the minimum wage, which just went up to $9 per hour on July 1, resulting in reduced hours and jobs across the state. It’s going up to $10 an hour in 2016.

Yeah, that’s a lot of “stuff” going on all right.

I think that should be the slogan for the new ad campaign to persuade the gullible to move to this land of liberal foderols: “California. Stuff happens.”


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