Grade Schools Reaping Teaching of Homosexuality As Students Rape and Assault Each Other

Why are people so shocked when kids act out what they are being taught in public schools?

In the 1960s, the courts took God, the Bible and prayer out of public schools.  Biblical creationism was replaced with godless evolution.  Kids were taught that they are nothing more than just another animal and that it’s all about survival of the fittest and strongest.  When kids started shooting other kids in school, the public was outraged, but the kids were just acting out what they were being taught.

Now we seem to be witnessing an increase in sexual assaults within the public school system, but they are different than the assaults of the past.  The sexual assaults we are hearing about are same-sex assaults.

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In the New York City public schools, two third grade boys and one fifth grade boy forced another third grade boy to perform oral sex on them.  Public School 194 in Harlem was the scene of the crime.  The eight year old third grader was standing the hallway when the other three boys grabbed and drug him into the boys’ bathroom.  The boy screamed for help, but no one responded to his pleas.

One of the boys held his hands behind his back and the other forced him into a kneeling position.  The boy said the other three pulled down their pants and against his will forced him to perform on oral sex on them.  Afterwards, the boy reported the incident to a teacher.

The principal and guidance counselor talked to the boy and then called his mother to report what happened.  The parents have filed a $6 million lawsuit against the school for failure to take necessary precautions to protect their son and others from the fifth grade student.  It was learned that two years earlier, the fifth grade student had sexually attacked a female student at the same school.

In a second incident, a thirteen year old special needs boy was raped by another boy during gym class at the Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy in Los Angeles.  The special needs boy, Julian, operates at the mental capacity of a six to eight year old.  Julian’s mother had filed a complaint with the school a couple months earlier claiming that other students were bullying her son during gym class.

Two weeks ago during gym class, another boy coaxed Julian behind a set of bleachers and then sexually assaulted him.  Julian is now embarrassed and humiliated and the parents are irate and want action taken against the school.  The police are also investigating the matter to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

But why is everyone shocked and upset by this?  The public school system across America is teaching kids as young as kindergarten that homosexuality is normal and okay.  Teaching homosexuality to young kids naturally raises their curiosity and it is their nature to explore and act out what they are being taught.  So if they are being taught in the classroom that it’s okay and natural for a boy to have sex with another boy, doesn’t it only make sense they’ll go to the bathroom or behind the bleachers to find out for themselves?

The schools are not allowed to teach biblical values and morals.  They teach the kids that they are animals and after all, animals do it, so why shouldn’t they?  The schools help kids get access to condoms and abortion providers, so they are sending out a signal that sex is okay.  They teach homosexuality is normal, so the kids naturally find out for themselves.

The violence and sex running rampant in our public schools is a direct result of the anti-God teaching that there are no absolute truths and no supreme being to be accountable to.  Man is the authority for all things and that authority depends on the man in control at the time or your particular circumstances.  In other words, we are seeing the fruit of the secular teaching that permeates through the halls of the public schools and I predict that we will be seeing and hearing of even more sexual and violent assaults as kids learn to act out what they’re being taught.

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