Green Agenda May Make Obamacare Costs Look Thrifty

If advocates of the green agenda get what they want, the bill may dwarf the costs of Obamacare, warns Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Cap and trade schemes, carbon taxes and other green regulations could cost the country between $1.2 trillion and $1.6 trillion per year, according an interview Inhofe recently gave to Alan Watts of Watts Up With That?

By now, everyone is familiar with the global warming theory and the so-called “plans” to tackle it. According to the United Nations, celebrity investors such as Al Gore and a legion of willing scientist henchmen, the Earth is warming drastically because of human industry, and unless we stop it, there will be floods, droughts, drowning polar bears, mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together, and an end to peace and happiness.

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The plans all involve onerous regulations that will cost you and me tons of money while making our lives a regulatory hell. Just coincidentally, those same plans will provide incredible new investment opportunities for already rich people like Gore, Bill Gates, President Obama and so on.

But about half the country still hasn’t gotten the message that there hasn’t been any warming for more than a decade. The climate changes in accordance with known solar and ocean cycles. As Russian scientists predicted years ago, the sun is going into a lower-energy phase, and temperatures are beginning to trend downward.

(One of the advantages of being a scientist in a country that doesn’t hate oil, apparently, is that you are allowed to use actual scientific data in your theories and studies, rather than phony data from inaccurate computer models.)

The theory of global warming has been thoroughly discredited. In the Climategate scandal, scientists were even caught sending each other emails about how to manipulate the data to show warming, which did not appear under controlled experimental conditions. The liberal media continue to cover for the agenda pushers, however.

Inhofe, who has authored a book titled “The Greatest Hoax” about global warming, notes that while Congress has so far refused to institute cap and trade programs, President Obama spent more than $68 billion on the green agenda by executive order in his first term.

To implement cap and trade would not only require the largest tax increase in history, Inhofe said, but it would not even begin to address the problem because the largest sources of carbon dioxide from industrial emissions are outside the United States, in countries like Mexico and China.

According to Inhoffe, the global warming scam isn’t just about money, though many people stand to become wealthy if the green agenda goes through. Ultimately, it’s about power.

“Once you control carbon, you control the world,” Inhofe said.

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