Grocery Prices Up 15% Since Obama Took Office

The 2012 presidential election is heating up.  The national conventions for both parties are just around the corner and Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are already busy duking it out.

One thing I keep hearing Obama say is how he is for the middle class.  He is our friend and savior, says he.  If that’s true, then let’s take a look at how his first term of office has helped the middle class.

To begin with, under Obama, the middle class has shrunk while the number of Americans living at or below the poverty line has drastically increased.  Millions of middle class families are now finding themselves trying to survive at poverty level incomes and in many instances it’s been devastating to them.

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Under Obama’s reign, we have experienced official unemployment levels of over 8% for 42 consecutive months.  The broader unemployment figure for June of this year is at 14.9%.  This figure accounts for those out of work, forced to work part time only and those who have quit looking for a job.

The second quarter economic growth figure had dropped to 1.5%.  Just to sustain ourselves, this figure needs to be at 2% and for actual growth and recovery it needs to be even higher.

A recent study of grocery prices may really tell the story of how the middle class has fared under three and half years of Obamanomics.  They looked at the prices of a specific list of groceries just prior to Obama taking office and then used the exact same list of the groceries at today’s prices.  Before Obama, the groceries cost $119.16.  Today, those same groceries cost $136.49, a 15% increase in just three and half years.

Over the same three and half years, the median income level has fallen, gasoline prices have increased and millions more middle class Americans are out of work.

While I was writing this, one of Obama’s campaign ads came on TV and instead of muting it as I normally do, I listened to what Obama said and took notes.  Keep in mind the information above as you read what he said in this campaign ad.

He opened by saying that Romney wants to cut taxes of the people at the very top.  That is not accurate.  Romney just wants to maintain the current tax cuts on all people that have been in place since Bush was president.

Then he said that cutting the taxes of the rich has been tried before and that this is what caused the mess in the first place.  Again, this is not true.  Our current economic, jobs and housing problems are the direct results of former President Bill Clinton’s liberal mortgage program.

Then Obama looks straight at the camera and said that he believes the only way to build an economy to last is to strengthen the middle class, asking the wealthy to pay more so we can pay down the debt in a balanced way and invest in education, manufacturing and home grown American energy for good middle class jobs.

The ad ends with the word FORWARD.

Well folks, in his first three and half years, all he has done is to destroy the middle class and push record numbers of them into poverty.

Note that he wants to pay down the debt by taxing the wealthy.  He defines the wealthy as anyone making $250,000 a year or more.  This includes many small business owners.  If Obama is planning on taxing them enough to start paying off the record debt that HE created, they will not be able to afford to put money into their businesses, which means that many of them will not be able to afford to hire more workers and in fact many will end up having to lay off more workers than they already have.

I also thought it interesting that they ended the commercial with the word FORWARD, since all he has accomplished since taking office is BACKWARD.  America cannot survive four more years of Obama’s direction.

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