Group Claims US Border is Illegal

That may sound ridiculous to you, but there is a group that actually claims the US border with Mexico is illegal and that it should be open to all without and restrictions. The group, Freedom for Arizona, will even go so far as to endanger the lives of law abiding citizens in their efforts to stop deportations.

Referred to as open border activists, this group committed an act of domestic terrorism and placed the lives of countless Americans at risk. Back in 2010, the group was protesting Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB1070. According to The Daily Caller:

“It seems as though illegal immigration advocates will never be satisfied. After Judge Susan Bolton blocked the most controversial parts of SB 1070, essentially taking out all real power from the bill, a group known as ‘Freedom for Arizona,’ committed an act of domestic terrorism by spreading out over 15 tires connected by rope and covered in tar, a banner, brown paint and shards of broken glass across I-19 in Arizona, a busy interstate with a 65 mph speed limit covering approximately 70 miles between Tucson and Nogales. This action not only stopped all traffic flow, but could have killed innocent people in the process.”

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“The goal of the tires, glass and paint was to stop all deportations back to Mexico as well as stopping all capital flow to damage the economy. The banner placed across the interstate read, ‘Stop All Militarization! The Border is Illegal!’”

Open border activists are still at. This past weekend, Tucson police stopped a driver for making an illegal right turn. They discovered that he did not have a driver’s license and that he was an illegal. The open border activists must be monitoring calls to the Border Patrol, because not long after Tucson PD called them, the activists started congregating around the police car. Two of the protesters climbed under the police car to prevent it from going anywhere. Border Patrol agents had to drag them out from under the patrol car. Meanwhile the crowd began hollering insults at the police and Border Patrol agents.

It’s bad enough that law enforcement and Border Patrol agents lay their lives on the line every day as they encounter illegals and armed drug traffickers, but now they are being accosted by wacked out liberal Americans who have no clue as to what would happen if we opened the border like they want.

The United States cannot afford to be the world’s refugee camp. Yes things are bad in other countries, but that doesn’t make it our responsibility.  Things are already getting worse in America because of the millions of illegals that are already here. They are a financial drain on local, state and federal governments. They take over whole neighborhoods, driving property values down as the crime rates go up.

Opening the border would only make things worse and completely bankrupt cities, counties and states all over the nation. Millions more Americans would be out or work because illegals would take their jobs for less pay. These clueless wackos also fail to realize that opening the border the way they want will allow countless terrorists to just walk right in and commit their acts of terrorism against American citizens.

To be honest, when I read about liberals like the open border activists, I wonder where they checked their brains at because they sure aren’t using them.

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