Guess What the FBI Found on Clinton’s Server?

She shoulda gone with the ol’ “oops, it fell into the fireplace” excuse.

Hillary Clinton has every reason to be popping painkillers as the latest developments in her email scandal have Bloomberg News reporting that a source in the FBI says that agency has recovered those “personal” emails Clinton had said were deleted.

If the emails that have been recovered are the same ones investigators were most concerned about, they may be able to fill the months-long gaps in Clinton’s archiving of her email correspondence from a private server.

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Adding to her well-deserved headaches is the State Department’s changing version of how it came to ask Clinton about the email server in the first place.

There’s a lot of he-said/she-said between the Clinton presidential campaign and the State Department, but the nut graf is that Clinton has been portraying the turnover of her emails as part of a routine records archiving effort by the State Department, nothing to be concerned about.

The State Department is now saying that, no, its staff first caught on to the private email server when they were asked to hand over to the Senate emails related to Benghazi, and the staff members realized the emails didn’t exist in department computers.

It’s a nuanced but important point because it shows that even people in her own former agency were concerned by her actions and had been in the dark about her personal email server.

How this woman remains a presidential candidate is beyond me.

The only possible explanation is the Left’s high tolerance for low morals. Any Republican pulling these sorts of shenanigans would have been drawn and quartered long ago.

I just don’t see how even the infamously protected nature of being a Clinton can save her megalomaniacal aspirations at this point.

The lesson here is twofold: First, don’t be a crook. Second, if you’re going to be a crook, hire someone who knows how to properly delete your files.

The lingering question is, at what point do the actions of Clinton and her aides in regards to handling classified information transform from incompetence into espionage?

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