Gun Control, Hurricane Sandy Crooks, and the Benghazi Flu

The close of 2012 and beginning of the New Year contained enough appalling activity, aided and abetted by elected Republicans, to have warranted the suicide of old 2012 and kept 2013’s New Year baby desperately scrabbling to stay in the womb. The list is far too lengthy to itemize everything but here are some of the highlights:

  • Our Secretary of State’s case of Benghazi Flu, concussion and subsequent hospitalization for a “blood clot” situated in some undisclosed location of her carcass.
  • The anointing of John Kerry as her probable successor (another “thank you” will be due to Senator McCain very soon).
  • Congress voting to postpone the “fiscal cliff ‘by raising taxes across the board (surprise, surprise). The bill does not limit spending, provides billions of dollars in tax credits for the likes of Hollywood producers, Puerto Rico, rum companies, NASCAR, electric motorcycle companies and algae growers and ups the national debt by another $4 trillion (“Yea” votes for this pig’s breakfast included that of our intrepid fiscal hero and recent Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan). Congress never read the bill. The Senate got the bill 3 minutes before voting on it. The Vacationer in Chief neglected to sign it, in a lather to get back to Hawaii this week…at a taxpayer cost of an additional $3 million. Well, what else are auto-pens for?
  • Next fiscal cliff? February 2013.
  • No demand for a budget.
  • Boehner is back.
  • A $60 billion dollar bill for hurricane Sandy…which includes beneficiaries like Alaskan fisheries.
  • An all-out attack on the second amendment. It is this item that may be the final nail in our coffin.

The Sandy Hook calamity led to a surprising response from Americans, nationwide. A recent Gallup poll stated that 74% of Americans want gun ownership to remain a right. According to the FBI, requests for background checks in order to qualify for gun ownership hit a new, record high in December, 2012 (2.8 million), up from the previous high in November, 2012 (2 million). The FBI further stated that the number of murders carried out by bladed or blunt weapons far outweigh those committed using firearms. Statistics continue to accumulate proving that gun ownership by law-abiding individuals inhibits crime, yet continue to be ignored by the media and the ruling class.

Hollywood celebutards are ridiculed for their hypocritical, PC stance on gun control when their on-screen presence glorifies irresponsible gun use. Interviews with Sandy Hook residents clearly put the blame where it should be: Not on gun ownership but on the insane. Recent problems in New York City illustrate this.  Two people, at last count, have been shoved under moving subway cars during the past week. What should be done about it? Prohibit subway transportation? Yet, Mayor-For-Life Bloomberg claims there’s nothing to see here. Why would a lunatic using a gun be different? California just experienced a “boom” in gun ownership and the result was that crime rates dropped.

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Yet, despite America’s clearly expressed desire to have gun ownership left alone what do we get? Piers “he’s-your-problem-now” Morgan, CNN’s noted Constitutional expert by way of England, illegally deriding our Constitution and Napoleonic sports clown, Bob Costas, going off on a characteristically, ill-informed, anti-gun rant during a football game. Gun owners are “outed” in the press, hyper, liberal bleating and a Congress determined to squeeze more citizens’ rights out of existence. And this one is the Rosetta Stone of rights.

Senator Diane Feinstein wants yet another bill passed against gun ownership. She has, chillingly, stated that she wants all private gun ownership outlawed. The president said he is “going after guns” in 2013. And the Lyin’ King hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

If we continue to insist that liberal demands for gun control are merely a “difference of opinion” or are born of “good intentions” we will continue to miss the point. Liberals want power. All of it. If we continue to ignore this fact we are handing it to them. If we allow the second amendment to be circumvented, driven out of existence, we won’t need to ask “How will it all end?” It’s already over.

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