Gun Control Ranked 19th in Poll of America’s Important Problems

If you pay any attention to Barack Obama, you would believe that the number one problem facing America was gun violence and the need for more gun control laws. Enacting stricter anti-Second Amendment executive orders appear to be more important to Obama than fixing a broken federal government system, economy, jobs and even terrorism.

However, that’s not what the American people believe to be the most important problem that needs to be addressed.

Gallup looked at what Americans mentioned as being the most important problems throughout 2015. For the second year in a row, the top problems mentioned by Americans was Government/Congress/Politicians with a 16% overall rating.

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The economy in general was the second most important problem facing Americas with 13%. That was followed by unemployment/jobs and immigration at 8%. Immigration spiked in December after the Paris terrorist attack. Healthcare was next with 6%, followed by ethics/moral decline, race relations/racism, terrorism, federal budget deficit/federal debt and education with 5%. Garnering next with 3% was poverty/hunger/homelessness, national security, gap between rich and poor, crime/violence, foreign aid/focus overseas and the situation in Iraq/ISIS. Last on the list of the nation’s most important problems, garnering only 2% interest of the American people was judicial system/courts/laws, environment/pollution, guns/gun control, lack of respect for each other, lack of money, international issues or problems and wars/war (non-specific)/fear of war.

Guns and gun control was listed 19th on the Gallup list of most important problems according to the American people. Immigration was tied with unemployment for the 3rd and 4th place, far higher on the list than gun control. Yet Obama refuses to do anything about immigration and securing our borders. He continues to plan on allowing possible Islamic terrorists into the nation by accepting thousands of Syrian refugees into the country.

We’ve already seen that Obama has intentionally hobbled the federal vetting problem, which ended up allowing one of the San Bernardino terrorists to enter the country. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that illegal aliens are committing thousands of crimes, killing hundreds of Americans, Obama refuses to take action to stop them. Instead he wants to give them all special treatment including allowing them to illegally cast votes.

As far as tackling the most important problem facing the American people, government/Congress/politicians, Obama doesn’t even believe a problem exists, other than the fact that there are some politicians who openly oppose his dictatorial actions. Barack Obama is the major source of the number one problem, but he’s too blind in his ivory tower to see it.

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