Gun Control Won’t Stop Terrorists

It probably really hurt Barack Obama to publicly admit that the mass shooting in San Bernardino was an act of terrorism. In the past, he has refused to admit the obvious, referring to the 2009 Ft. Hood shooting as a work place incident where Army Maj. Nidal Hasan went on a shooting rampage shouting Allah Akbar.

Even after such a painful admission for our resident White House Muslim, he continues to use the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino to promote his socialist agenda to disarm Americans as if that would have any effect to prevent future attacks.

What none of the liberals promoting stricter gun control are willing to admit is that none of their efforts will do anything to curb terrorist attacks. Just peruse news reports from around the world and you see many terrorist attacks don’t use guns at all. They use whatever they can get their hands.

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Greg Gutfeld, of Fox’s The Five, blasted Obama and his fellow anti-gun socialists pointing out that terrorists could care less about gun control. They’ll use things like box cutters, pressure cookers, car bombs, pipe bombs, deadly gas and biological weapons as well as numerous other weapons. Gutfeld stated:

“You see: the armies of the apocalypse hate guns too. To them, they’re inefficient for Armageddon. Guns don’t kill thousands or millions at a pop. That’s why gun control doesn’t resonate with the terrorist or the sober realist who gets the threat.”

“If you don’t, you abdicate the battle over human existence to fiends. The sooner we, as a country, unify over this cause – be you left, right, libertarians, librarians –  the more likely our world will survive.”

“Until then, we reside in a world of erratic mayhem, lucky that all we have, for now, are shootings.”

Gutfeld said that the plans of radical Islamic terrorists are far more dangerous than the gun violence we’ve seen so far in the US and he invited Obama, the media and other ‘sane liberals’ to direct their attention to fighting terrorism instead of pushing more gun control.

He’s right. I don’t recall anyone saying we need to ban airline flights after 9/11. We didn’t ban pressure cookers after Boston. We haven’t banned knives or box cutters after hundreds of attacks using them.

Besides, you don’t find criminals going into a gun store to buy a gun, knowing they’ll run a background check on him or her. They go to someone else they know or someone on the street to get their guns. Just look at the high gun violence in places like Chicago, New York and Baltimore that already have many of the strict gun control laws that Obama is advocating. These places are among the nation’s highest gun violence locations in the nation.

The facts show that gun control doesn’t stop gun violence and it doesn’t stop terrorism. It only leaves lawful citizens more vulnerable to being a victim of crime and violence. It also provides the government with who has how many guns, which is really none of their business.

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